'For Honor' Guide: How To Obtain Amazing Gear; Get Basic, Armor, Weapon & Premium Packs

27 February 2017, 8:07 am EST By Arianne Gift Mobile & Apps

While making your way in "For Honor's" action-packed multiplayer, you've probably noticed that other players have geared up to a level of amazingness you wish you have for yourself. You might have also noticed some numbers next to a gamer's name. These numbers will give you an idea of how good a player is and how valuable his gear is in the game.

In "For Honor," the first number next to the username indicates the player's level, while the number next to the level indicated the Gear Level. An important thing to note is the pattern around one of the number. The patter shows a gamer's Reputation Level. When a player reaches level 20, his level resets and they get a pattern around the number. This means that a player is Reputation Level 1.

To get better gear in "For Honor, a player should concentrate on upgrading his Reputation Level. As the Reputation Level goes up, so does the change of obtaining far more amazing gear. As one levels up, you also get to have Packs: the Basic Pack, Armor Pack, Weapon Pack and the Premium Pack. You can unlock these Packs and obtain rare gear. However, if you want top of the line gear, it's better to save these packs for later, as gear levels up in accordance to one's Reputation Level.

Getting better gear relates closely to leveling up. Now a lot of "For Honor" gamers might already know this, but the quickest way to level up in the game is through following the Orders. Orders are set at the Multiplayer menu and are side-missions for Multiplayer given to players as on option for easier level ups. In turn, completed Orders will give you bonus experience, letting an avid gamer reach the desired level faster.

What rare gear have you already obtained in "For Honor?" Tell us in the comment section below.

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