'For Honor' Guide: Why Spending Steel For Equipment At The Start Of The Game Is Not A Good Idea

22 February 2017, 11:39 am EST By Ceage Sotto Mobile & Apps

The hype surrounding "For Honor" has spread after its launch on February 14. The action adventure game that sets you against a power thirsty warlord is a stretch for newbies.

Starting a quest to pursue peace might let you spend a lot of Steel to suit up the best gear in the get go. However, players should stop, the best tip for beginners to advance is to save Steel to buy better gear in higher levels.

PvP Live might have gotten this right from the beginning. At the start of the campaign, most newbies would spend as much steel to get better equipment. The best way to get gear is getting after-match drops, or spending Steel to salvage gear.

Players have often asked why buying better gear from the get-go would be a bad idea. The answer is as common as players would think. Every time a player levels up, potential gear drops increase along each level, especially when you hit level 15 with a certain class.

When players hit this level, equipment drops are noticeably better. It gets more so when players hit the first prestige around level 25. There will be a plethora of sleeker equipment that's worth spending your Steel on. Players will also start getting Rare gearsets. That's why it's a good idea to spend later in the game than using Steel right from the beginning. That will save you a ton of in-game currency for better equipment later in the game.

There are four "For Honor" gearsets separated into different tiers. Common, Rare, Heroic and Heroic Star. Common gears are available at the beginning of the game. When you reach the first level of Reputation, Rare items starts to show up in after-match loot. The second level of Reputation opens up the Heroic items.

The rarest of them all is the Heroic Star gear. Many players have argued that it can available as soon as you hit the second level of reputation. However, more seasoned players argue that it is more common when you reach the third level.

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