'For Honor' Patch 1.03 Released, Big Stat and Attack Changes for Valkyrie, Peacekeepers, Berserkers and Conquerors [VIDEO]

2 March 2017, 8:00 am EST By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

"For Honor" Patch 1.03 has just been dropped for the PC version of Ubisoft's latest hack and slash multiplayer fighting video game. The big update was released earlier in the week and contained some hefty changes to several character classes and a bunch of fixes and enhancements for the game overall.

According to Gamespot, Ubisoft announced that the new "For Honor" update for the PlayStation 4 version and the Xbox One versions should be coming out very soon. The patch for the console versions are reportedly still with Sony and Microsoft and the developers are just waiting for both companies to certify it for release. Ubisoft mentioned that they will be announcing more details about its release when new information is available.

 As for the patch itself, one of the biggest changes that has been made is with the "For Honor" character's Guardbreak. The developer has chosen to revert the system back to how it was during the game's beta. This means that players can now counter an opponent's Guardbreak with one of their own, with the right timing of course.

Another big change comes for the Peacekeeper class, which gets some huge buffs to their Guardbreak stabs. All three of the stabs now inflict different amounts of bleed damage with a total of 36 damage of bleed and six points of physical damage. The character also gets slight increases to various attacks.

Berserkers and Conquerors can also now freely use their light attacks without having any fear of getting hit by an uncounterable Guardbreak attack. Valkyrie attacks have also been sped up, which makes chains way easier to connect when switching guards. The Valkyrie's shield crush move can now be chained into a light chain, which opens up more combo chains for Valkyrie users.

Meanwhile, bots will no longer be an issue for players who have rage quitters on their opposing teams. After "For Honor" Patch 1.03, bots joining an in-progress game will now start out dead and will only join after the current round is finished. For a full rundown of the changes, check out the "For Honor" update patch notes on the game's official forums website.

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