Facebook Announces Offline Mode for Instagram App

Leave comments, like, save posts, unfollow people, and view all the content that has already been downloaded even without an internet connection.

Instagram April 19, 2017

Facebook Implements New Measures Against Revenge Porn

Facebook (FB) has a new tool to curb the proliferation of revenge porn in its social media platform.

Instagram April 6, 2017

Instagram Tests Update 10.7.0 To Combine Photos In Slideshow Snaps; Upload Up To 10 Photos In Single Post

A feature that allows multiple photos in single post is expected out of the next rollout for iOS and Android versions of Instagram.

Instagram February 8, 2017

Instagram Stories Will Now Have Ads

There will be Ads soon for Instagram Stories.

Instagram January 17, 2017

Instagram Now Allows iPhone Users To Upload Live Photos Via Boomerang

Instagram is rolling out new features that will allow iPhone users to upload Live Photos with more vivid colors.

Instagram January 7, 2017

Facebook News: Asia-Pacific May Help With The Platform's Plan of Monetizing Apps

Facebook is looking to monetize messaging apps as more and more people use these networks for business purposes. Asia-Pacific just may be the key to boost the social media platform's plan.

Instagram January 4, 2017

Facebook And Google Are The Most Popular Apps In 2016

Facebook remains the most popular app in the year 2016

Instagram December 29, 2016

iPhone Unwrapped: 3 Must-Have Apps For Your New Apple iPhone

Got a new Apple iPhone for Christmas this year? Here are the three top apps for 2016 that you absolutely must download.

Instagram December 28, 2016

Avast Reports: Facebook App Greedily Drains Battery; Causes Sloppy Smartphone Performance

Avast software revealed in a report the lists of applications that causes the highest level of battery drain and slow device performance.

Instagram December 26, 2016

Instagram Live Rolls Out Its Version Of Facebook Live For Windows 10 And Mobile

Instagram Live rolls out for Windows 10 and mobile devices

Instagram December 24, 2016

Counting Calories and Photo Recognition

Take a picture of your food and count your calories with this brand new app!

Instagram June 4, 2015

Instagram releases Bolt ephemeral messaging app in select markets to challenge Snapchat

Instagram has released its new Bolt ephemeral messaging app in select markets to challenge popular service Snapchat.

Instagram July 30, 2014

Instagram update brings Photoshop-like editing tools – What’s new?

Instagram 6.0 has rolled out for iOS and Android, bringing Photoshop-like editing tools to enhance the experience.

Instagram June 4, 2014

Instagram for Android update brings faster, more responsive UI, but no Lux custom slider

A new Instagram for Android update has hit the Google Play store, bringing the app to version 5.1.

Instagram March 12, 2014

Vine shares on Twitter falls after Instagram debuts video

Vine is slipping fast, while Instagram is rising quickly to take the no.1 spot in the short-video sharing service space.

Instagram June 30, 2013

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