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Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Features Notifications Against Unsecured Websites So Users Can Decide, Apple Safari Kicks Out Sites Themselves

Web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer as much explicit advice and notifications to the users regarding security concerns.

Mozilla Firefox February 21, 2017

Which Web Browser Do You Think Is The Safest To Use, Chrome, Firefox or Edge? All Three Were Put Under A Phishing Web Page Test

See the results of which web browser is the safest to use, Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Mozilla Firefox February 3, 2017

Mozilla Firefox Will Still Support Windows XP & Vista Until September 2017

Despite of the numerous browser updates, Mozilla Firefox will still support Windows XP and Vista untill September 2017.

Mozilla Firefox December 27, 2016

WhatsApp Web desktop version now works with Mozilla Firefox, Opera as well

WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of the popular messaging service, has expanded its reach beyond Google's Chrome, now working on Firefox and Opera as well.

Mozilla Firefox February 28, 2015

Mozilla Firefox 20.0 Now Available: Sports Per-Window Private Browsing, Seamless Download Manager

The new Mozilla Firefox 20.0 is now up for grabs, and it brings notable changes: a Chrome-like private browsing experience, a Safari-like download manager and new plug-in options.

Mozilla Firefox April 3, 2013

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