Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook Plus Latest News: Device Receiving Android Nougat On Canary Build

Google will roll out Android Nougat on Canary build for Samsung Chromebook Plus

Samsung Chromebook April 29, 2017

Samsung’s Chromebook Devices Might Threaten Microsoft As It Enters Surface Device Territory

Samsung dubbed its devices as the next-generation Chromebooks.

Samsung Chromebook February 16, 2017

Samsung ChromeBook At CES 2017: Is It The Future Of Laptops?

Samsung has come up with two Chromebooks that have been built exclusively to support Android applications. Will these Samsung Chromebook at CES 2017 change the future of notebooks?

Samsung Chromebook January 9, 2017

Samsung's Upcoming ChromeBook Pro: Everything You Need to Know On The Specs, Price, Design, Release Date

Samsung, receiving a major setback by the igniting Galaxy Note 7, recalled more than 2.5 million devices from the market. Now, the company is geared up to recover from the scandal with the launch of a new Chromebook hybrid laptop - the Chromebook Pro.

Samsung Chromebook October 19, 2016

Samsung Chromebook 2 to sport Galaxy Note 3-like faux-leather case

The purported Samsung Chromebook 2 has leaked in a couple of images online, showing a faux-leather case reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Chromebook March 3, 2014

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