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Steve Jobs' Vision: A Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor In Future Apple Watch Models

According to reports, Apple is clandestinely working on a new breakthrough aimed at diabetes patients.

steve jobs April 14, 2017

iPhone 8 News & Specs: ‘The Best Is Yet To Come,’ Says Tim Cook; Could Feature All-Glass Design, Wireless Charging, According To Analysts

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the iPhone range is just "getting started."

steve jobs January 11, 2017

Apple: Losing focus again, Who will save Apple this time?

Before the return of Steve Jobs after a decade, Apple was in trouble.

steve jobs December 22, 2016

First Apple computer from 1976 could fetch for $500,000

A 1976 Apple computer going for a cool half a million. Are you surprised?

steve jobs June 22, 2013

Google To Sell Touchscreen Chromebooks This Year

In an apparent nod to Microsoft's Windows 8 touch-friendly UI, Google will begin selling Chromebooks with touchscreens this year.

steve jobs February 21, 2013

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