Xbox Two

Xbox Two & PS 5 Latest News & Update: The Progress of Each Company's Next-Generation Console

PS5 recently claimed that they are nearing photorealism while Xbox Two's latest reveal are essential details about Microsoft's next-gen console.

Xbox Two April 15, 2017

Xbox Scorpio Beats PlayStation 4 Pro By Miles; No Competition At All At The Moment?

After months of rumors and speculations, Sony finally dropped the bomb with their new console called the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is also known as PlayStation 4 Neo before. It also used to be a competition with Xbox Scorpio, but the recent announcement kills the comparison.

Xbox Two September 8, 2016

Future Halo Games Will Be Released on Both Windows 10 and Xbox One

It looks like it will be possible for Halo to be released on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC's soon.

Xbox Two May 26, 2016

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