'Dishonored 2' Trophy Guide: How To Complete A No-Kill, Pure Stealth, Low Chaos Run

28 November 2016, 2:20 pm EST By J Rose Mobile & Apps

"Dishonored 2" has a lot of trophies, 51 to be exact, and one of them, "Clean Hands," requires you to have zero kills for the entire playthrough. Impossible? Not quite. Here's how you can do it.

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Before You Start

It is highly advisable to attempt your no kill run with the pure stealth run in one go. This way, you will get the "Clean Hands," "Shadow" (for finishing the game undetected) and "In Good Conscience" (low chaos) trophies in one fell swoop.

You can also separate your stealth run from your no kill run. For the no kill run, just ignore all enemies and speedrun throughout the entire game.

For the character, Corvo is more suitable for this run than Emily, as you will be able to utilize his ability to freeze time here.

Also, make sure to save manually at the start of the mission, and also during difficult parts. Make it a habit as well to check your progress in the game stats to make sure you have not been detected.

What Counts As A Kill?

We now move on to the most important question: what counts as a kill? Here is the list:

Killing enemies or NPCs, even using abilities like Domino

Pushing someone off a high place, resulting in their unfortunate death

Rewiring Clockwork and getting a kill as a result

Trying to choke someone out and an enemy hits you while doing so (because that enemy will kill the one you're choking, see next bullet)

Enemies killing each other

Enemies being eletrocuted, or dying from explosion, or rats eating their unconscious bodies (yeah, that can happen)

To make the long story short, anyone who dies, excluding animals, Clockworks and Deliah's body doubles in mission 9, will count towards your kill counter.

Stay tuned for more "Dishonored 2" guides.

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