‘Steven Universe’ Season 4 To Go On Another Hiatus? Episodes ‘Gem Harvest’ Ratings, ‘Three Gems And A Baby’ Premiere

28 November 2016, 8:10 am EST By Gio C. Mobile & Apps

The next episode of the fourth season of "Steven Universe" is set to premiere in a few days, but will the show go into another round of hiatus after Episode 10?

"Steven Universe" Episode 8 and 9, "Gem Harvest," premiered on Cartoon Network last November 17 as a comeback double-episode special after over two months of hiatus, as well as an early Thanksgiving treat for all of its viewers. It tells the story of the Steven, Greg and his friends as they try their best to welcome a new addition to their family, Andy DeMayo.

However, the episode performed only went into 14th place in overall TV ratings on its premiere, with over 1.3 million simultaneous viewers. A Reddit discussion pointed out that the episode went "pretty well" despite its declining viewership, claiming that Cartoon Network is "probably satisfied" with the low-numbered results.

Meanwhile, the season's next episode, entitled "Three Gems and a Baby," will have its broadcast premiere on December 1. A Christmas special, the episode will tell viewers the story of Greg and Steven's first winter together.

In a short video teaser, Connie can be seen going before snow starts to fall, as Greg remembers his first winter with baby Steven. The episode might also feature a few stories about Rose Quartz, based on earlier fan theories.

According to Enstars, there are rumors that the show will once again go into hiatus after "Three Gems and a Baby." The show's persistent low ratings may be a factor to its delayed production; thus, another wave of cancellation rumors are surfacing online.

Furthermore, the broadcast dates of the season's leaked episode titles, namely "The New Crystal Gem" and "Tiger Philanthropist," are yet to be announced.

Rebecca Sugar, creator of the Steven universe, mentioned in an earlier interview that the show is yet to be renewed for Season 5, and if the said season is going to be its last.

Nevertheless, fans will continue to enjoy "Steven Universe's" return on the airwaves with "Three Gems and a Baby," the season's tenth episode, will be broadcast in Cartoon Network on December 1.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding "Steven Universe" and its future episodes.

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