Jamie Dornan Spends More Time With Wife Amelia Warner After Filming With Dakota Johnson; 'Fifty Shades' Actor Slams Divorce Rumors

29 November 2016, 7:36 am EST By M. Grace Mobile & Apps

Jamie Dornan and wife Amelia Warner are said to be experiencing a lot of troubles in their marriage as of the moment. Still, the "Fifty Shades Darker" actor is reportedly happily married and is now excited for their new baby, shutting down rumors about possible romance between his co-star, Dakota Johnson.

Rumors have been rife that Jamie Dornan has been unfaithful with Amelia Warner. Sources have claimed that the "Fifty Shades Darker" actor has been cheating on the "Hold Me Now" singer as he is allegedly hooking up with Dakota Johnson.

According to reports, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have been keeping their affair a secret but everyone around them can say that there is something romantic happening between the two stars.  There have been claims that the "Fifty Shades Darker" stars are seeing each other behind Amelia Warner's back.

However, this rumor has been reportedly shut off by the "Fifty Shades Darker" lead actor as he proved he is still in love and married with wife Amelia Warner.

Daily Mail reported that "Fifty Shades Darker" star Jaime Dornan appeared on a red carpet show for Mum's List" with his wife Amelia Warner. According to this, Jamie Dornan was there to prove wrong about that speculation regarding his relationship with "Fifty Shades Darker" co-star Dakota Johnson.

"With the shoe on the other foot, Jamie was supporting his wife this time, as Amelia was responsible for the music in the film," the report added.  "The couple brought some A-list power to the event, which was held at The Curzon, Mayfair in London. Still utterly besotted, Fifty Shades Of Grey actor Jamie gazed adoringly at his wife as she stood out in bold brights."

Moreover, as Jamie Dornan settles into his family life after filming the famous erotic film franchise with co-star Dakota Johnson, it was reported that his wife, Amelia Warner is now pregnant with their new baby. However, the couple remained mum over the issue.

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