'Gotham' Season 3 Spoilers: Mid-Season Storyline to Have 'The Dark Knight' References; 'Sirens' to Begin Production in Summer 2017

27 December 2016, 1:11 pm EST By Van D Mobile & Apps

There are speculations that the mid-season plot of "Gotham" Season 3 will have references to the 2008 film, "The Dark Knight." The all-female DC villain film, "Sirens," is also said to start production in summer 2017.

Cinema Blend wrote that David Dastmalchian, who previously played Thomas Schiff, an Arkham Asylum patient and Joker's acolyte in "The Dark Knight," may reprise his role in "Gotham" Season 3. Schiff was the thug who pretended to be an Honor Guard to disrupt the funeral of the Commissioner. Harvey Dent later held Schiff at gunpoint.

Since "Gotham" is a prequel to the Batman films, Dastmalchian may take on a different version of Schiff or a completely new character. It was previously teased that Jerome Valeska, the early form of Joker, (Cameron Monaghan) will return in "Gotham."

Some fans immediately thought that Dastmalchian will take on the same role as Joker's follower, at the same time that Jerome transforms into the cackling villain. Since Jerome's supposed death, he has gained a cult following, which could have included Schiff. The appearance of the two characters could set the tone for a Joker arc in the story.

On the other hand, it is also possible for showrunner Bruno Heller to simply bring back Dastmalchian to serve as an interesting Easter egg for fans to spot in "Gotham." The actor could play a younger Schiff, or the same Joker acolyte with some help from the Flashpoint plot in the comics. FOX featured Dastmalchian in the promo materials, which could mean that his character may have a recurring role. He may also have been presented to merely lure in "The Dark Knight" fans.

ComicBook stated that in other news, "Gotham City Sirens," the all-female DC villain movie, is set to begin production in summer 2017. Margot Robbie is set to reprise her role as Harley Quinn, joined by Poison Ivy and Catwoman. David Ayer and Robbie will be working again, after the latter garnered positive reviews for her performance in "Suicide Squad."

"Gotham" Season 3 is set to return on Jan. 16, 2017 on FOX. More updates and details on "Gotham" are expected soon.

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