'Horizon Zero Dawn' Alleged Tutorial Surfaced; NeoGAF has Mixed Reception About its Authenticity

10 January 2017, 10:59 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

More than a month before "Horizon: Zero Dawn" unleashes on PlayStation 4, a tutorial leading to combative gameplay surfaced on YouTube. Take everything with a grain of salt though - a sizeable grain, should "Horizon: Zero Dawn" path takes a different turn.

To recall, there was an original post before 2016 ends about "Horizon: Zero Dawn" tutorial. However, NeoGAF hosts a thread that leads to several gifs files that were allegedly even trailing into game's ending.

POTENTIAL SPOILER: endgame saw heroine Aloy jumps into lots of enemies, a cliffhanger about her ultimate fate - leaving a room for potential sequel. Of course, this approach is typical in AAA games so to give developers a nice excuse for follow up should "Horizon: Zero Dawn" sold well.

Interestingly, "Horizon: Zero Dawn" both of those who believed and did not believed in NeoGAF's thread are calling for censure. Believers pointed that they won't read spoilers while non-believers said that everything will simply murk the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" narrative should everything turned otherwise. Again, these are based on observer's analysis and guesses.

Meanwhile, VideoGames 24/7 described the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" tutorial video as great stunner. There are lots of give away like Aloy riding a mechanical creature plus plenty of combative gameplay. These are both presented in close-quarter and ranged combat.

There are parts in "Horizon: Zero Dawn" patchwork that features variety of Aloy's move sets. It also follows the heroine in different scenarios with array of challenges and enemies. Remember that these gifs were extracted from original "Horizon: Zero Dawn" videos and the only remaining question is veracity of its purported game mechanics.

At any rate, pre-order is available right now for "Horizon: Zero Dawn" through its official site. The digital copy is available through PlayStation Store while those who opt for physical discs will be referred to online retailers. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" was created by Guerilla Games and pegged Feb. 28, 2017 for its release.

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