Microsoft Surface Phone 2017: Innovative Features Coming Out Strong; Big Reasons Why It Would Be A Hit

25 January 2017, 1:20 pm EST By Julianne Mobile & Apps

Until now, Microsoft Surface Phone is still unconfirmed. Several news outlets online have reported that it will be released this year. But the company is still silent over that matter and continues to do so.

With the Surface Phone being the most ambitious smartphone Microsoft will unveil in the market, there are some risks that the company will have to face to increase its chances to make it to the top. The Inquisitr reports that if rumors are proven true, then the Microsoft variant could be a mobile device consumers have never seen before. Here are big reasons why the handheld could be a massive success.

With all of the Surface Phone's speculated specs online, it seems that the device packs features that are notebook-worthy. The publication further reports that the handheld might come with the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor. The processor is speculated to have an 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

Furthermore, the mobile device could also have a design of its own. It is rumored that the flagship might have a foldable display. Since more smartphones are basing its design from the industry's tech leaders; Samsung and Apple, the Surface Phone's rumored design would be refreshing to the eyes of consumers.

Other reports that there are previous speculations that the flagship could feature an upgraded version of Continuum. The said features allows the mobile device to function as a desktop computer when hooked up to an external monitor.

If Microsoft could perfect all the mentioned features for the Surface Phone, it would allow its device to be a far cry of what Samsung and Apple achieved in the past years. Meanwhile, iTech Post reports Microsoft is still uncertain of when will the smartphone be release. It is either the company is still not ready to unveil the device or the handheld does not exist.

However, the company has already confirmed that they are not backing down from the smartphone industry and their flagship dubbed as Surface Phone will be released this 2017.

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