'The Sims 4': Next Update Discovery Suggests Inclusion of Pets; DLC Pack Includes University Callled 'The Sims 4 on Campus' & More!

26 February 2017, 11:20 am EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps

Speculations about the next update for "The Sims 4" have been pointing to a certain discovery in the game. The Sims Community have learned that a coding in the game files that apparently gives clues as to what will the next update include.

The most recent discovery has confirmed that the next update for "The Sims 4" is going to be the infamous Pets expansion and the new lines in the coding say that the expansion will introduce a ‘Create A Pet' section allowing players to customize their pets. Howbeit, reports say that it appears that the discovery is still in its early stages of development and it's plausible that EA will have the creation system developed as well as the contents of the Pets update.

The ‘Create A Pet' system will allow players to adjust their pets' tails, ears, fur tail as well as the fur body although the meaning of these options are still unclear. However, it seems that players would be able to adjust ear shape and the fur color.

It has also been confirmed that there will be small and large dog breeds in "The Sims 4" but there were no details of what the exact breeds would be. Additionally, the lines of code also indicated that horses are not part of the next update but cats will.

Furthermore, the newest surveys for "The Sims 4" that EA sent to players revealed that there will be a lot of DLC packs lined up for the simulation game. According to a report, one player shared an image of the survey on Reddit that mentions a university-themed game pack and EA calls it The Sims 4 On Campus.

"The Sims 4" On Campus DLC description says that it's time for the Sims to hit the boarding school to develop their skills, discover more about themselves and impress their crushes. In the university, the Sims will learn new skills, join groups and experience the dorm living.

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