'The Sims 4': How to Do the Child's Homework & How to Speed It up [STEPS]

4 March 2017, 7:00 am EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps

Raising a virtual child in "The Sims 4" could be as challenging as raising one in real life and one of these challenges is to ensure that they are doing their homework as well as doing well in school. It could be hard to raise one but there are some tips and tricks to make use of for those who are aiming for their children to be a high achiever in school.

What's the purpose of doing the homework in 'The Sims 4'?

Homework is part of the equation to have the child Sim in getting an A in school and according to Carl's Sims 4 Guide Community, it is somewhat a career for a child, which usually takes about an hour and a half of game time to finish. When homework is done, the child's bar is increased faster than normal and Simmers will be able to gain access to extra credit in the long run once the child gets a B grade in school, which will raise their bars even faster.

Why does homework matter in 'The Sims 4'?

According to Tech Mic, children also have skills that can help increase the level while playing and these skills include Social, Mental, Motor and Creativity. Simmers though, will have to increase at least one of these four skills to reach level two so the child can get a B in school. Once a skill has reached level 10, the Sim receives a 70 percent boost to the rate where they complete the homework.

How to speed up doing the homework in 'The Sims 4'?

On top of having the childhood skills maxed out to boost the child's homework productivity, Simmers can also have their adult Sims take part in the child's development. When a child has started doing the homework, just click the child to have one of his parents to assist him.

That said, if the child's parent assists him with his homework, the game time is cut in half and if it's combined with the bonuses from maxing out those childhood skills, the child Sim will be able to complete his homework at an even faster speed. Moreover, adults in "The Sims 4"? can also assist their children with the extra credit work that they have unlocked after their normal homework is completed with a B.

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