'The Sims 4' DLC: Fairies, Witches and More Expansion Packs Hinted In Addition To University Theme

27 February 2017, 8:08 am EST By Arianne Gift Mobile & Apps

The university-themed expansion is merely one of the numerous suggestions that Electronic Arts is proposing for the brand new "The Sims 4" DLC. The studio is also considering doing more fantasy/supernatural-themed DLCs.

On Sims Community, details of two other surveys have been posted, where a DLC called "The Sims 4 Witches" was mentioned. According to the thread, the proposed "The Sims 4" DLC will let players create both young and old witches, cast hexes, brew potions, put curses on other Sims and cruise the city using their magic brooms.

Another DLC is called "The Sims 4 Fairies," where players are urged to "embrace the magic." In this "The Sims 4" DLC, players will be creating fairies and have all sorts of options on magical costumes, wings, sparkly decorations and others. The fairies can travel to a magical world and also learn new tricks for mischief.

Among other "The Sims 4" DLC suggestions include "Summer Holidays" and "Winter Vacations." This prompted fans to speculate that the game is not getting a "Seasons DLC" where all four seasons will be included in one pack. However, the idea appears to have been dismissed by a game designer in a tweet.

Previously, a Simmer took to Reddit to show that EA is thinking of a "The Sims 4" DLC that lets players partake in the world of modeling and fashion. Another one also suggests that Sims could become entrepreneurs, where they can build water parks, start a café, buy and renovate homes, open art galleries, and the like.

Other ideas from one more survey shared by SimCookie include "The Sims 4 Small Pets". The suggested DLC will see Sims adopt, train and breed small animals, build a pet shop and put the adorable critters up for adoption.

While not every single "The Sims 4" DLC above is expected to be pushed, these surveys certainly paint a picture of what sort of content to expect in the coming months. What would you have suggested? Tell us in the comments below.

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