‘The Sims 4’ Pets DLC To Be Released After Vampires Game Pack? Toddlers Cheats And Shortcuts

19 January 2017, 6:00 am EST By Blair Grant Mobile & Apps

"The Sims 4" recently introduced the addition of toddlers as a free update since many users have been asking for this DLC since the game's release in the market. While many are still adjusting to their sim life as parents, there are speculations that Maxis will be releasing a Pets DLC soon.

"The Sims 4" Pets DLC may soon be released following the success of the addition of toddlers as a free update to the game. According to Segment Next, Sims community moderator Zerbu discovered new codes in the game that seemingly hint on Maxis' next plans for the game.

The new lines of code reportedly mention different animals such as cats, dogs and even horses. This is not the first time pets were rumored to be added to "The Sims 4," especially since EA asked users if they would be interested in adding pets to the game.

The addition of pets to the game may be EA's next plans for the game following the success of "The Sims 4" Toddlers DLC. The company is also set to introduce the Vampires game pack soon.

iDigitalTimes shared a couple of cheats and shortcuts for "The Sims 4" in relation to the toddlers' skills and moods. According to the publication, managing a toddler in the family can be pretty hard especially for those who cannot afford a nanny and are focused on their careers.

In order to enable cheats in "The Sims 4," the publication notes that users should click on Control + Shift + C to open the cheat window. From there, users are instructed to type "testingcheats true" and select the toddler in live mode when maxing out their needs or advancing their skills.

Other "The Sims 4" cheats include maxing out skills such as Imagination, Movement, Thinking, Communication and Potty training using different codes. Needs can also be maximized in order to allow your sims to focus on other things aside from their toddlers.

Should there be a "Sims 4" Pets DLC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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