'The Sims 4' Stuff Pack Release This Spring Confirmed; Boost Relationship 3X Faster Until Feb. 21

17 February 2017, 8:00 am EST By JEV Mobile & Apps

Both publisher Electronic Arts and developer Maxis have confirmed that "The Sims 4" fans can look forward to a Stuff Pack this spring. But before that, a special in-game Vday-themed Triple Boost Week is currently ongoing, which kicked off on Feb. 14 and will end until Feb. 21.

 Ardent players of "The Sims 4" who can make use of a boost in their Sim's relationship with other Sims are on for an  increase in their relationships 3x faster than normal. Apparently non-playable character (NPC) Jasmin Holiday is back right now for the Triple Boost Week. 

Maxis has featured the return of Jasmin Holiday who is playing the role of cupid in celebration of the month of love. Simmers will enjoy this special event fro. Feb.  14 up to Feb. 21 and Sim lovers can be as thrice as romantic with their partners, as announced via the game's official forums.

However, "The Sims 4" Triple Boost Week is not only good for the Sim couples, Jasmin Holiday as well work her spell on the level of friendship among Sim' friendship with another sim. It is noted, though, that the boost will only be applicable to promote positive relationships and it won't have any effect on animosity between Sims. 

Avid gamers already know how to find Jasmin whenever they need to contact her but for those who are new to the game, a tip from fan community Sims VIP reveals that she can be located in the local community garden of the game. Another way is that they can let their Sim to use the "call Jasmine Holiday option, too.

Once she appears, players can click her and then tap "boost relationship gain." After which, Jasmin give the the Sim character a special moodlet, "feeling friendly" that's good for six days. In addition, the gamers can also finish a specific relationship goals. This special event will conclude on Feb. 21.

Meanwhile, Maxix has announced the stuff pack that's coming this spring for "The Sims 4". Check out the quarterly teaser video found below. 

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