'The Sims 4' Receives Latest Update; Maxis Addressing Glaring Baby-related, Toddler Issues And Other Bugs

8 February 2017, 12:40 pm EST By JEV Mobile & Apps

More than two years post-launch, 'The Sims 4" players still continue to enjoy ample support with free update and expansion as well as game packs plus other updates. Recently, game developer Maxis and publisher EA has released a new patch aimed to smoothen the overall gameplay experience of the hit life simulation title.

The new patch is offering tons of tweaks, adding a new but common Main Menu and more. Also, it specifically addresses glaring baby and toddler issues. 

"Continue (the big play button), other than a location shift, functions exactly as it did," Maxis stated as quoted by Christian Post. "New Game and Load Game have come down from their hidden corner, and are now found alongside the Continue button." 

Players are now allowed to add a household to their existing save in the latest update for "The Sims 4". They simply have to go to the Map view screen found on the lower right corner of the menu. 

It appears that Gallery and the Options menu are found on the upper right part. The lower left part apparently shows information on the expansion packs and other relevant details about the game.

More importantly, Maxis has also intended to end a set of glitches that involve baby and toddlers in "The Sims 4". The latest patch has now fixed the issue of baby's disappearance when the baby has aged up.

Also, it has tweaked the problem on toddlers getting stuck next to an elevator after loading the lot. However, EA emphasized this applies to future occurences and for saved games, players need to travel to another lot with the toddler, then go back. 

Other virtual changes seen invole "Outdoor Retreat" and "Get Together" expansion packs for "The Sims 4." Check out the full patch notes via Sims Community.

Developed by Maxi and published by Electronic Arts, "The Sims 4" was officially released for Windows PC and Mac back in September 2014.  

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