'Attack on Titan' Chapter 91: New Race or Continent Discovered? Eren & Marley to Fight by the Ocean; Annie Will Be Awakened?

27 February 2017, 4:11 pm EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps

The latest chapter of "Attack on Titan" entitled ‘Shingeki No Kyojin' sees Eren and his cohorts with a new hope following a recent discovery where they found out that the titans were also human beings. They are interestingly part of the People of Ymir, which is a race that lived inside the Walls and have been struggling with the same circumstances.

The titans have learned that they are vulnerable to different threats beyond the Walls and so they made the decision to work together within their borders to stay safe. They also realized that they are considered as monsters by the outside world and created teams to track down the rogue titans and get rid of them who endanger their existence.

Furthermore, Eren and his companions have finally arrived in the ocean where their real enemies are located, which means that they are getting close to the big reality. Reports say that in "Attack on Titan" chapter 91, a new race or a continent might be discovered, which could mean an introduction or addition of new characters that could be friendly or not.

Eren would also be more firmed in protecting the Eldians from any possible dangers and Eldia is also expected to obtain more advanced tech and weapons to fight against the titans more efficiently. On Reddit, "Attack on Titan" fans have also speculated that Marley might make an appearance with their ironclad warships for Eren's fight and the latter might also succeed and obtain the ships to move across the ocean.

However, other "Attack on Titan" fans argued that the ocean panel story has properly closed, which means that Marley is unlikely to show up at the same time when Eren first saw the ocean. Meanwhile, there have been predictions as well that Annie, (who is one of the first titans who showed up but has been absent for a long time) will be awakened finally from a coma.

"Attack on Titan" chapter 91 by Hajime Isayama will be released on March 8 for $1.99. Stay tuned to Mobile & Apps for more updates.

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