'Power Rangers Ninja Steel' Episode 5: Victor & Monty Are the Real MVPs; Actor Caleb Bendit Says Monty Is His Favorite Role

27 February 2017, 5:20 pm EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps

The official Twitter account of "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" posted something that appears to have urged fans to root against characters Victor and Monty but it has been deleted. Now, fans are actually wondering what the post was about when the two are actually great to see on screen with a certain chemistry, which most fans believe is romantic. Cute, eh?

Monty was ecstatic when he learned that Victor was willing to back him up with his hilarious scheme. The superheroes actually look silly when they point and laugh at two civilians who are in serious danger where Victor and Monty are seen careening through the air and in the event that the web had popped, they could have been badly hurt.

It appears that the Rangers in "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" are not doing anything to help the civilians in danger and while Victor and Monty are actually bullies, fans are wondering if they really have done something bad. Victor is a bit full of himself and Monty is certainly a diva but will it be an adequate justification for them to laugh and just watch the civilians plunge to their deaths?

Reports say that the antics that Victor and Monty are getting into are ‘too cartoonish' and it seems to be difficult to flesh them out as people apart from the fact that they can still get into wacky high jinks. Fans even said that there is no point of having these two in "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" for something to only laugh at.

When asked what characters that he have played so far is his favorite, actor Caleb Bendit told Blasting News that it's Monty in "Power Rangers Ninja Steel." "He's just so abnormal and ridiculous, it gives me the freedom to do literally anything and people accept it because he's so out there," he said.

"Power Rangers Ninja Steel" airs on Saturdays on Nickelodeon. Stay tuned.

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