‘Hawaii Five-O’ Season 7 Episode 19 Spoilers: Show Crosses Over With MacGyver In Rescuing Earthquake Victims

3 March 2017, 5:50 pm EST By Vittorio Hernandez Mobile & Apps

“Hawaii Five-O” Season 7 Episode 19 would not be seen on Friday, March 3. The crew and cast have a one-week hiatus, however, the production staff promises an intense episode when the action TV series returns on air on March 10.

MacGyver Crossover

In the next episode, the crossover with “MacGyver” would happen. According to GoshTV, Lucas Till and George Eads, the “MacGyver” duo, will go to Hawaii to assist the Five-O Task Force rescue earthquake victims. “Hawaii Five-O” Season 7 Episode 19 titled “Puka ‘ana” or “Exodus” airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT over CBS.

According to Spoilers Guide, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Kono Kalakua (Grace Park) would investigate after they suspect an abused young girl on the island could be the victim of a sex trafficking ring. The duo would also probe a murder at a sober living institution in “Hawaii Five-O” Season 7 Episode 19.

Race Against Time

Besides the two cases, Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Day Kim) would lead a task force with the mission to rescue a group of scientists trapped in the tremor’s ruins after a building collapsed in “Hawaii Five-O” Season 7 Episode 19. The task force of would be assisted by the “MacGyver” duo as they race against time in the rescue effort, described as complicated, after the devastating temblor.

However, there is more to meet the eye in “Hawaii Five-O” Season 7 Episode 19. To help the people trapped in the rubble looks to be their mission, but Daniel Dae Kim would eventually tell the rescuers those trapped in the rubble may not necessarily be earthquake victims.

The hint given by the spoilers for “Hawaii Five-O” Season 7 Episode 19 is that there could be a criminal among the people trapped in the rubble. It also hints of an experiment that went awry since those trapped are scientists.

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