iPhone 8 News

iPhone 8 Latest News: Apple Will Launch The Next iPhone With Wireless Charging Support

According to recent claims, Apple’s next iPhone will possibly support wireless charging technology.

iPhone 8 News May 4, 2017

iPhone 8 Release Date News: Upcoming Device To Launch In September; Severe Stocks Shortages Forecasted

According to several reports Apple's iPhone 8 will be released in September 2017, however, analysts foresee that there might be severe shortages due to delayed production.

iPhone 8 News April 25, 2017

iPhone 8 Latest News: Leaked Dummy Surface; Bezel-Less Display, Vertically Set Dual Camera; No Touch ID

A recent dummy reportedly belonging to iPhone 8 has been making rounds online revealing no Touch ID, vertically set dual camera, and bezel-less display.

iPhone 8 News April 24, 2017

iPhone 8 Latest News: Upcoming Device Expected To Sell Above $750

Analysts predict that the upcoming flagship device from the Cupertino-based tech giant will be priced higher than the previously expected $750.

iPhone 8 News April 23, 2017

iPhone 8 Latest News & Update: Next iPhone Might Get A Late Launch

Fans of the upcoming iPhone 8 might have to wait a little longer as recent reports suggest that the next iPhone will have a delayed release.

iPhone 8 News April 20, 2017

iPhone 8 Latest Rumors: Will Start At 64GB Storage Instead Of 32GB, Adds Facial Recognition Technology

It is speculated that the starting internal storage for the iPhone 8 will be 64GB.

iPhone 8 News February 23, 2017

iPhone 8 Specs, News & Updates: Apple Supplier To Give Smartphone 5.5-Inch Full Active Flex Display

One of Apple's suppliers may have revealed a key iPhone 8 feature.

iPhone 8 News January 28, 2017

iPhones Might Get Curved LCD Screens Next Year; Apple Looking To End Competitors With New iPhone 8 Siri Features

Reports states that Apple will release a curved LCD display screen for the iPhone.

iPhone 8 News January 26, 2017

Apple Is Reportedly Ditching Its Fingerprint Reader For Facial Recognition

Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple has plans of getting rid of its fingerprint sensor and replacing it with facial recognition.

iPhone 8 News January 23, 2017

iPhone 8 Already A Problem For Apple Competitors; Killer Features Are Intimidating

Recently, there have been reports that the Cupertino-based company will be bulking up on OLED supply this year.

iPhone 8 News January 18, 2017

iPhone 8 Is Going To Be Bigger Than Anyone Can Imagine

Some analysts predict that the iPhone 8 will be a huge profit for Apple Company when the flagship is released.

iPhone 8 News January 7, 2017

iPhone 8 Latest News & Leaks: Borrowing Samsung OLED Screen, Major MacBook Pro Battery & AirPods Charging Issues!

It has been a tumultuous week for Apple products and users, with several updates and leaks amongst reported issues and problems. The iPhone 8 may feature a 5.8 inch OLED screen, exclusively manufactured by Samsung.

iPhone 8 News January 2, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Latest News & Update: 10nm Processors Production In Full Swing For 2017 Release!

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S are slated to feature 10nm processors in the 2017 lineup of Apple, which was previously speculated to be delayed. However, processor production company TSMC has supposedly denounced all such speculations and the production is back on track.

iPhone 8 News December 30, 2016

iPhone 8 Specifications, Features, Upgrades: Third iPhone 8 Model 'Ferrari' To Drop Home Button; Borderless OLED, Wireless Charging Expected [VIDEO]

This iPhone 8 "Ferrari" model is slated to feature some staple wish lists from Apple fans.

iPhone 8 News December 26, 2016

2017 iPhone 8 Slowly Stealing iPhone 7's Fame After Going Out Of Stock; Apple Mobile To Have OLED Display, Glass Body?

After last month's iPhone 7 release, and its bigger kin, the iPhone 7 Plus, stays out of stock - both good and bad news for Apple. As the wait for availability pile up, eyes are slowly turning to their future, the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 News November 3, 2016

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