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Google Is Negotiating A $880 Million Investment With LG Display: Will The Pixel 2 Finally Have A Curved Screen?

According to various reports, Google is streamlining issues that hounded the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

LG Display April 13, 2017

Samsung's Galaxy X Foldable Phone Aims To Set New Trends But Release Date Could Scale Back To 2019

Reportedly, Samsung is at it again with its foldable smartphone called the Galaxy X.

LG Display April 6, 2017

Apple, Google, Microsoft - All Will Have Foldable Smartphones In 2018

LG Display will reportedly supply Microsoft, Google, and Apple with the foldable screens they need for their upcoming flagship smartphones.

LG Display January 17, 2017

LG's 55/65-Inch OLED TVs Have Sound System Embedded Directly Into The Screen

LG Display gets rid of side speakers and integrates its TV's sound system directly into the screen.

LG Display January 6, 2017

LG's Plans To Merge Display Divisions: What Does It Mean For The Business?

LG is planning to merge its business division to bolster the OLED business.

LG Display December 16, 2016

Apple’s future iPads, including 12.9-inch iPad Pro, to boast oxide TFT (IGZO) displays

LG DIsplay has reportedly invested in expanding oxide TFT displays for Apple's next-gen tablets, including the much-rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

LG Display April 7, 2015

‘World’s narrowest’ FHD smartphone display from LG is virtually bezel-free

LG has unveiled the 'world's narrowest' full HD (FHD) LCD smartphone display, boasting an incredibly thin bezel of just 0.7mm.

LG Display October 31, 2014

LG Quad HD smartphone display boasts four times the resolution of current Full HD displays

LG has unveiled a new smartphone display that is the world'a thinnest, narrowest and sports a resolution four times higher than current Full HD displays.

LG Display August 21, 2013

LG to mass-produce, supply flexible displays for smartphones by Q4 2013

LG plans to mass-produce and supply unbreakable, flexible displays for smartphones to various major clients by the fourth quarter of this year.

LG Display June 23, 2013

Retina MacBook Pro Display Issues: Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Screen Ghosting

The widely-reported screen ghosting issue has apparently pushed a MacBook Pro user to file a class action lawsuit against Apple.

LG Display March 16, 2013

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