NBA 2K17

'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Free to Play Weekend Has Started, Standard & Deluxe Edition Discounted; Here's How to Take Advantage of It

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" is free to play this weekend for all Xbox Live Gold members where they can play the entire game completely free.

NBA 2K17 March 4, 2017

'NBA 2K17' Deals: Virtual Sacramento Kings Refuse To Make DeMarcus Cousins Trade With Pelicans [VIDEO]; See Details

The New Orleans Pelicans’ acquisition of the 26-year-old DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings has left not only the real but also the virtual basketball worlds shocked.

NBA 2K17 February 21, 2017

'NBA 2K17' Updates: 2K To Give Away More Locker Codes After Pink Diamond Kevin Love; Paul George Unlockable Until Feb. 28

2K Sports has released two locker codes to unlock Pink Diamond Kevin Love and Paul George in "NBA 2K17" and there's more coming.

NBA 2K17 February 19, 2017

'NBA 2K17' & 'Rocket League' Are Free On Xbox This Weekend [VIDEO]; How To Get Unpaid Access To These Games?

Looks like Xbox owners are in for a treat! Microsoft is giving avid gamers a three-day free access to Xbox Live.

NBA 2K17 February 17, 2017

'NBA 2K17' Guide: How To Be The Best Point Guard, Get Playmaking Badges

The Playmaking badges in 'NBA 2K17' are tailor-made for point guards. These badges can also be upgraded by using VCs.

NBA 2K17 February 13, 2017

Watch Ex-POTUS Barack Obama Dunk, Dime & Cross Over Other NBA Players In This 'NBA 2K17' Video

A YouTuber has recently created the former president's likeness to star in "NBA 2K17."

NBA 2K17 February 10, 2017

Take-Two Interactive News: 'Grand Theft Auto V' Has Sold More 75 Million Copies Worldwide

The parent company of "Grand Theft Auto V" has announced that the game has reached 75 million units sold worldwide.

NBA 2K17 February 8, 2017

NBA 2K17 Latest News: 2K Gives Rookie Of The Month An Allen Iverson Step-Over Move; Badges Players Want To See In NBA 2K18

NBA 2K17 continues to be the most realistic sports video game.

NBA 2K17 December 26, 2016

'NBA 2K17' Cheats And Tricks: Infinite Stamina, No Fatigue And Super Speed

"NBA 2K17" is a fairly easy game, especially to those who have played the previous entries in the series. However, some players sometimes just want to breeze through everything in a faster way.

NBA 2K17 December 2, 2016

'NBA 2K17' New Locker Codes And Essential Tricks And Cheats

Players of the game “NBA 2K17” will finally be able to obtain DeMar DeRozan MyTeam Moments Card Code. We've also included a quick guide on some essential locker codes for starters.

NBA 2K17 November 17, 2016

'NBA 2K17': How To Recreate Any Player Any NBA Player And See Their Custom Jumpshots Without Purchasing

For those who are curious about how an actual NBA player is created in “NBA 2K17” can simply recreate them. This would even allow users to explore the stats and even the custom jumpshots for that particular NBA player.

NBA 2K17 November 11, 2016

'NBA 2K17' 1.05 Patch List Of Fixes And Glitches That May Not Work Anymore

Soon, the Patch 1.05 that some players have been waiting for will be rolled out as 2K games already submitted the update for "NBA 2K17." This will bring a host of new fixes, and unfortunately, will get rid of glitches that will prevent certain cheats.

NBA 2K17 November 4, 2016

'NBA 2K17' New VC Glitch: Obtain 500K In Five Hours

After a couple updates and patches, a number of cheats and working glitches to earn easy VC have stopped functioning. Fortunately, the game is still far from perfect in terms of how well the variables are encrypted. This gives a few a openings for other glitches to be taken advantage of.

NBA 2K17 October 31, 2016

'NBA 2K17' Guide: Creating The Best MyPlayer With Minimal To No Real Money Involved

One of the best things from every NBA game, especially from 2K, is the ability of gamers to create their own heroes. MyPlayer in "NBA 2K17" is specifically one of the most challenging avatar creations as it isn't exactly as easy as the previous games in the series. Here's a guide for creating the best without spending a dime.

NBA 2K17 October 18, 2016

'NBA 2K17' Update: PS4 Patch Takes Up Over 7GB Of Space; Xbox One, PC Patch To Follow

2K has recently dropped the latest patch for its popular basketball simulation game "NBA 2K17."

NBA 2K17 October 12, 2016

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