Nintendo Switch news

Nintendo Switch Latest Stock News: The Hybrid Console Is Selling Like Crazy

The recently released hybrid console from Nintendo dubbed as the Nintendo Switch is selling like crazy according to GameStop.

Nintendo Switch news May 2, 2017

Is This How A Nintendo Switch VR Headset Could Look Like? An Avid Gamer Discovered A Way To Use Switch For VR [VIDEO]

Looks like an avid gamer has figured out how he can use his Nintendo Switch for virtual reality; however; it's not ideal at all.

Nintendo Switch news May 1, 2017

The Nasty Nintendo Switch Cartridge Taste Test Is Seriously Getting Everyone The Want To Try

Nintendo Switch users recently have been posting online about the console's cartridge having a bitter taste.

Nintendo Switch news March 8, 2017

New Nintendo Switch Launch Titles Announced Few Days Before March 3 Release Date

“Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove,” “Specter of Torment” expansion and “Fast RMX" will be released on March 3 as Nintendo Switch launch titles.

Nintendo Switch news February 24, 2017

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Will Not Be Launched On March 3

The Virtual Console feature of Nintendo Switch will not be available on March 3.

Nintendo Switch news February 24, 2017

Nintendo Switch: Console Topples Other Competitors, Pro Controller Equals Great Battery & Value For Money!

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller gives PS4 and Xbox One controllers run for their money by clocking in 40 hours of play in a single charge. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be a great asset during marathon sessions with multiple players.

Nintendo Switch news February 23, 2017

Nintendo Switch Specs Revealed In New Leaked Document

A recently leaked Nintendo Switch document revealed the internal specs of the new hybrid video game console.

Nintendo Switch news February 16, 2017

Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Details, Games List, Release Date & More

The official announcements about the Nintendo Switch console came in last month, and since then a number of retailers have started accepting Nintendo Switch pre-order offers for the console. But a look at the list of games will intrigue the fans.

Nintendo Switch news February 15, 2017

Nintendo Switch News: Gaming Console May Feature External Stylus Or Pen, Hints Nintendo Official In Interview

In an interview with Time, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto hinted towards the possibility of a separate stylus or pen accessory for Nintendo Switch. The interview also talks about several changes being made to console gameplay and storylines.

Nintendo Switch news February 14, 2017

Nintendo Switch Release, Specs Info: Nintendo Says Bringing NVIDIA GeForce To Switch Is Top Priority [VIDEO]

According to Nintendo’s technology fellow, bringing NVIDIA’s GeForce to the Nintendo Switch development was a top priority for Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch news February 10, 2017

Nintendo Switch: All You Want To Know About The Upcoming Console

Nintendo Switch is highly anticipated console in the recent times. Here is a complete information you need about the games, price, specs etc.

Nintendo Switch news February 8, 2017

Nintendo Switch Sold Out Trend Continues; Production Will Increase After Wii U Formally Stops Though

Stocks for Nintendo Switch have replenished over the weekend at Best Buy, only to quickly sold out minutes after.

Nintendo Switch news February 5, 2017

Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Available: Hurry Up Before It Is Gone

Nintendo is facing stock shortages for Switch too. However, the Nintendo Switch Pre-order in now available online and at a few stores.

Nintendo Switch news February 4, 2017

Nintendo Switch Official Specs Reveals 6.2-inch Capacitive Touchscreen Display; Hybrid Console Less Powerful Than PS4? [VIDEO]

Nintendo has just released the official specifications of its upcoming hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch news January 29, 2017

Nintendo Switch News & Update: Three More Games Coming To New Console

Tomorrow Corporation announced more games coming to Nintendo Switch on its launching date.

Nintendo Switch news January 26, 2017

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