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New Action Adventure Game 'Hollow Knight' Gets A New Trailer Weeks Before Feb. 24 Release

'Hollow Knight' will be released for the Windows PC and Mac on Feb. 24. According to reports, the game will also be made available for the Nintendo Switch

PC games February 14, 2017

‘GTA 5’ Owner Confirms Take-Two Has Licensed ‘A Couple Of Titles’; ‘Bioshock,’ & ‘GTA 5’ Could Be Heading To The Movies

“Assassin’s Creed” and “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” among others, have made their way to the big screen -- and "GTA 5" could well be on its way, too.

PC games February 11, 2017

‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Classic Helmet DLC Req Pack Launches Today, See All 9 Here

Unlock 9 helmets taken from "Halo’s" history, restructured and boosted for use by the next-generation of Spartans, with the Classic Helmet Req Pack.

PC games February 10, 2017

‘For Honor’ Heroes Kensei, Orochi, Peacekeeper & Warlord Get Buffs & Nerfs In Open Beta - Report

The re-balancing on some key heroes is sure to make the game more exciting to play.

PC games February 9, 2017

Kat's Best Costume Include 'PSO2 Crazy Kitten' From 'Phantasy Star Online 2' Collaboration

Kat's costumes in "Gravity Rush 2" amazes fans and got to pick their most favorite depending on style and presentation. It turns they had many favorites including "Phantasy Star Online 2" costume collaboration.

PC games February 1, 2017

Five New Steam Games Which Are Available To Buy For Less Than $20

Every now and then Steam releases some games from various developers and these games are worth trying.

PC games February 1, 2017

5 Best Survival Games To Play On Your PC

Boredom is a killer, which is why games are there. Five survival games based on the players' best picks should not be missed.

PC games January 21, 2017

'League of Legends' Patch 7.2 Reveals New Skins For Amumu & Blitzcrank

"League of Legends" has an upcoming patch 7.2 and it reveals two new skins for Amumu and Blitzcrank. These skins are falls on the category of "Sewn Chaos" skins.

PC games January 21, 2017

The True Meaning Of Consequence Players Experience In 'Life Is Strange'

Players learn the true meaning of taking responsibility of actions and consequences in "Life Is Strange," which gave a huge nostalgic feeling because of its story.

PC games January 20, 2017

Grab Speedrunning Game 'Standby' At A Discounted Price On Steam Now

"Standby" is now available on Steam with 15 percent discount but for a limited time. Players will experience a new way to test their reflexes in this game from NoClip and HypeTrain.

PC games January 10, 2017

Rarest and Most Expensive 'Rocket League' Tradeable Items Today; One Item Costs 3000 Keys [Watch]

YouTuber TheLlamaSir explains the rarest and most expensive Rocket League items in his video.

PC games January 9, 2017

'Chucklefish' Is Developing Two New Games For PC Platform; An RPG Genre and A Online Multiplayer Game

"Chucklefish," the creator of Starbound and the company that published "Stardew Valley," is creating two games on the PC platform. One game is RPG and simulation while the other game an is online multiplayer game.

PC games January 7, 2017

The Smach Z Will Try To Steal Nintendo Switch's Crown This Year As The Only Hybrid Handheld PC That Can Play Steam Games

The Smach Z console is an elaborate device that promises to bring PC gaming to a handheld console.

PC games January 7, 2017

Bungie Shares ‘Destiny 2’ Development Status; Series Of Story Updates Planned [VIDEO]

Bungie, the “Destiny” developer prepares the release of “Destiny 2” with apparently an all new content.

PC games January 6, 2017

'Chucklefish Games': 'Starbound' Creator Releases Details About Upcoming New Games

Finn "Tiyuri" Brice teases every Chucklefish followers about the progress on their two new games that they have been developing. A strategy tactics game and an RPG/SIM game.

PC games January 6, 2017

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