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'Pokemon GO' Guide: Gen 2 Hoothoot And Noctowl Info And Strategy

The 'Pokemon GO' Gen 2 update introduced 80 new Pokemon in the game, including Hoothoot and Noctowl.

pokemon go guide February 27, 2017

'Pokemon GO' Gen 2 Region Exclusive Heracross And Corsola, Where To Catch Them

The Pokemon GO Gen 2 update added two new region exclusive Pokemon, Heracross and Corsola.

pokemon go guide February 26, 2017

‘Pokemon GO’ Requires Fundamental Changes; Investing in Stardust Not A Great Idea

With the release of Gen 2 in “Pokemon GO,” players are coming back to the game in hordes. Gaming experts have started debating on various issues related to the game, and some even believe, that the game requires certain fundamental changes to be the best always.

pokemon go guide February 25, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Special Items Guide: How To Obtain & Use King's Rock, Dragon Scale & More

Here is the latest guide on how to obtain "Pokemon Go" special items and use it to evolve your Pokemon.

pokemon go guide February 24, 2017

‘Pokémon GO’ Gen 2: How To Know If Tyrogue Is Evolving To Hitmontop, Hitmonlee Or Hitmonchan

Tyrogue hunters in “Pokémon GO” should try this out.

pokemon go guide February 24, 2017

How Players Are Hatching 'Pokemon GO' Eggs Without Walking: 'Pokemon GO' Glitch Exploited

The recent 'Pokemon GO' Gen 2 update may have reintroduced the GPS drift glitch that allowed players to hatch 'Pokemon GO' eggs without walking.

pokemon go guide February 22, 2017

'Pokemon GO' Guide: How To Evolve Steelix And Scizor, Tips On Getting Metal Coat

The 'Pokemon GO' Gen 2 Update added the metal coat evolutionary item to the game. The metal coat can be used to evolve Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor.

pokemon go guide February 21, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Guide: How to Get Lucky Eggs & How to Use Them for Max XP to Level up Faster

"Pokemon Go" players can use a power levelling method called Pidgey Spamming.

pokemon go guide January 30, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest Cheat: How To Do 2X Power Up; Level Your Pokemon Beyond Its Normal Level Cap

''Pokemon Go" fans has recently discovered the best way to not only power-up Pokemon 2x but also to level up beyond the normal level cap.

pokemon go guide January 19, 2017

'Pokemon GO' Guide: Best Pokemon For Gym Battle And Best Team Comp

Though having a Dragonite is the safest bet in capturing and maintaining a Gym, knowing the best Pokemons to bring in a gym battle could be quite handy in "Pokemon GO."

pokemon go guide January 11, 2017

'Pokemon GO' News: Here Is How You Can Use Tools To Ace The Game!

Although Niantic does not allow third party tools and loopholes to hack "Pokemon GO", there are certain tips and tricks which can boost gameplay performance. The list includes ready lists and helpful guides and communities across the world!

pokemon go guide January 8, 2017

Pokémon Go; Things that Niantic Must Take Care Of In Order To Keep the Game on Track

As “Pokémon Go” introduced to the gaming industry it carries a big success for the whole year of 2016.

pokemon go guide January 5, 2017

‘Pokemon GO’ Guide Finding Those Rare Pokemon That Are Every Player’s Dream

Not all rare Pokemon are excellent additions to a trainer’s gym for battles. Trainers need to find those rare Pokemon in “Pokemon GO” that truly are combat-effective.

pokemon go guide January 4, 2017

A Discovered Glitch Can Help You Hatch Your Pokemon Egg Faster; Here Is How You Can Use It In 'Pokemon Go'

A glitch has been discoverd by a "Pokemon Go" players that bypasses the speed limit cap.

pokemon go guide December 23, 2016

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: How To Hatch The New Baby Pokemon; Evolutions, Required Distances, And More Revealed! [VIDEO]

Here are some details on the latest update of Niantic's Pokemon Go: hatching seven new second-generation Pokemon and the distance requirements to hatch them, as well as Christmas Pikachu retaining its hat even when it evolves to Raichu.

pokemon go guide December 15, 2016

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