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Xbox Live Issues Reported On Xbox One Earlier Today

Microsoft's Xbox Live Network seems to have run into some minor issues.

Xbox One April 19, 2017

Xbox One Latest News: Spring Update Released; Screen Time, New UI & Beam Streaming Introduced

Microsoft rolled out the latest major update to Xbox One introducing new UI, Screen Time and Beam Streaming among others.

Xbox One March 30, 2017

Microsoft's Recon Tech Special Edition Controller: A Tactical Beauty That's Worth Investing In

Microsoft's Recon Tech Special Edition Controller might just be the perfect thing if you are looking to upgrade your Xbox One controller.

Xbox One March 23, 2017

New Xbox One/PC Features Coming Soon For Insiders

Xbox Insider members on the Xbox One and Windows 10 will be getting a wide range of features.

Xbox One March 21, 2017

Xbox Latest News: Overheating Charger Triggerd Product Recall; Full Refund Provided

Performance Designed Products has voluntarily recalled all defective Xbox One chargers, which as of this writing has reached over 210,000 units and issued a refund to consumers.

Xbox One March 16, 2017

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program: Four New Titles Added Including 'Dead Rising 2: Case Zero' and 'Dead Rising 2: Case West'

The addition of four new titles on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program was confirmed by Microsoft following its Xbox Game Pass Service announcement.

Xbox One March 3, 2017

All The Xbox One Backward Compatible Games For The Month Of February

Nine new games are added in the Xbox One Backward Compatible games' list this February. The Xbox One Backwards compatibility project now has over 300 games on its list.

Xbox One February 27, 2017

'For Honor' Guide: How To Obtain Amazing Gear; Get Basic, Armor, Weapon & Premium Packs

Here’s an easy way to get better gear in “For Honor.”

Xbox One February 27, 2017

EA & Origin Access Complete List Of Free Games; More Coming

EA and Origin Access will continue to add more games to its service and promises never to remove any once it goes in the company's vault of freebies.

Xbox One February 25, 2017

Biggest Game Releases Happening In March 2017

With the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch, March would be a month full of big game releases.

Xbox One February 24, 2017

'Crackdown 3' Release Date Confirmed For 2017? Xbox's Exec Claims The Upcoming Title Will Be Worth The Wait [VIDEO]

"Crackdown 3" is slated to hit the store shelves in 2017, despite many reports suggesting that the game might not even see the light of day.

Xbox One February 23, 2017

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Release Date, New Weaponry, Combat & More! New Gameplay Video Released; Watch Here

Bioware has released a new "Mass Effect: Andromeda" gameplay video giving fans a brief glimpse at the game's newfangled cover system, combat, weapons, loadouts and more.

Xbox One February 22, 2017

PS4 & Xbox One S Bundle Deals For February 2017 is Here! $50 Savings Await Console Buyers This Week

Microsoft and Sony bring bundle deals to PS4 and Xbox One S this week. Gamers can take advantage of discounts to get the console and games like "Halo Wars 2" and "Uncharted 4" at low prices.

Xbox One February 20, 2017

‘Sniper Elite 4’ General Fixes For PC: Tips For Crashes, Stuttering & More

What to do when faced with tech issues on “Sniper Elite 4” for PC.

Xbox One February 20, 2017

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