Xbox Scorpio

Xbox Scorpio Latest News: Price, Specs, Features & More

The Xbox Scorpio was recently the subject of leak where it was revealed that the unit will be sold at $399.

Xbox Scorpio April 24, 2017

PS 4 Pro Best Deals: Massive 30% Price Slash On Console, Game Bundles & More

PlayStation, in anticipation of Xbox Scorpio, has recently launched massive deal offers which include major price slash and game bundles.

Xbox Scorpio April 8, 2017

Microsoft's "Project Scorpio" Will Showcase True 4K Resolution Out of The Box With 'Forza Motorsport 7'

It is on the books, Microsoft will unveil the Project Scorpio in the next few weeks with the "Forza Motorsport 7."

Xbox Scorpio April 3, 2017

Xbox Scorpio Will Be Featured In Microsoft Xbox 2017 E3 Event, Xbox Fan Fest Also Announced

The Xbox Scorpio may be unveiled on June 11 during Microsoft Xbox's 2017 E3 Press Conference. The Xbox Fan Fest Will also be happening in this year's E3.

Xbox Scorpio February 17, 2017

Xbox Scorpio Unveil May Happen On June 11 E3 Microsoft Xbox Press Conference

Microsoft Xbox announced via its twitter page that it will be having its 2017 E3 press conference on June 11. The video game company hinted about a possible Xbox Scorpio news by using an image of the Scorpio as a background to its announcement.

Xbox Scorpio February 16, 2017

Xbox One Scorpio Update: First MAJOR VR Project Title And Release Date Finally Unveiled? [VIDEO]

According to reports, a new game from upstart Human Interact has been confirmed for launch today on Steam VR and Oculus Rift, called Starship Commander.

Xbox Scorpio February 9, 2017

Xbox Project Scorpio Update: No Pre-Orders Yet; Cross-Play With PC Affirmative, Says Phil Spencer Says [VIDEO]

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox’s head, there are no available pre-orders yet for Project Scorpio but cross-play with PC is one of their goals.

Xbox Scorpio February 3, 2017

Xbox E3 2017 Games Lineup: More PC, Xbox Cross-Play Games Coming; Boss Says No Scorpio Preorders Until Microsoft Finalizes Roster

Xbox head Phil Spencer sharing details about the upcoming game lineup for the Xbox One and highly anticipated Project Scorpio.

Xbox Scorpio January 29, 2017

Xbox Scorpio: Latest Specs Leak Confirms ESRAM Gone; 6 TeraFlops GPU; GPU Architechture Similar To AMD Polaris Line

A whitepaper leaked recently claims that XBox Scorpio will loose the ESRAM, will have 6 TeraFlops GPU, and GPU architecture similar to AMD Polaris line.

Xbox Scorpio January 25, 2017

Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio Will Be The Most Powerful Game Console When It Gets Released Late This Year

Microsoft's Xbox One S is just a teaser for the company's plan of console domination for 2017.

Xbox Scorpio January 23, 2017

Project Scorpio News: Microsoft's Console’s Release Date Still Uncertain, But Worth The Wait? [VIDEO]

Xbox head Phil Spencer unveils on Twitter that he is uncertain as to whether the upcoming Project Scorpio Xbox console will make its appearance prior to E3 2017.

Xbox Scorpio January 19, 2017

Xbox One: Project Scorpio Update; ‘Crackdown’ With New Backwards Compatibility Games Equipped With Seven New Games

Microsoft claimed that the new Xbox One Scorpio is not like any other PC, it is built and designed for gaming consoles like the Xbox One franchise.

Xbox Scorpio January 15, 2017

Microsoft Will Likely Unveil Project Scorpio in E3 2017; Xbox Also Plans an Update

It doesn't take a genius to guess that Microsoft is going to capitalize on E3 2017 to catapult Project Scorpio into the hyping lane.

Xbox Scorpio January 10, 2017

The Smach Z Will Try To Steal Nintendo Switch's Crown This Year As The Only Hybrid Handheld PC That Can Play Steam Games

The Smach Z console is an elaborate device that promises to bring PC gaming to a handheld console.

Xbox Scorpio January 7, 2017

Choosing Between Nintendo Switch & Xbox Scorpio; Which Console to Buy This 2017

Two major console releases are going to happen this 2017 from Nintendo and Microsoft respectively.

Xbox Scorpio January 4, 2017

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