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Google has Reportedly Resolved the Pixel and Pixel XL Bluetooth Issue with Server-side Changes

Google has announced that it has now fixed the Bluetooth problem by apparently making some changes on its servers.

What's App Fri Mar 24 2017

Facebook Live Now Available on Desktop, Professional Live Gaming, Vlogs and Broadcasts Now Possible [VIDEO]

Facebook has announced an update to Facebook Live that would finally let users use the feature with their desktop computers.

What's App Thu Mar 23 2017

Microsoft Launches Quick Migration Tool for Mac Users, Transfer Data to Windows 10 Devices with a Few Clicks [VIDEO]

Microsoft quietly launched a brand new tool that is meant to make the migration from Apple devices to Windows devices relatively easy.

What's App Tue Mar 21 2017

Google Adds Parking Spot Feature to Google Maps, Lets Users Take Down Notes, Photos and Keep Track of Time Left at Meter [VIDEO]

The biggest feature is Google’s built-in timer, which will let users set the time they have left on any particular parking spot.

What's App Tue Mar 21 2017

McDonald’s Testing Out New ‘Location-Aware’ Ordering App, To Launch Worldwide This Year

The app may be the company’s response to its other competitors who have already established their presence on mobile phones.

What's App Thu Mar 16 2017

Latest Google Chrome Version Doesn't Suck as Much Battery and CPU Anymore [VIDEO]

The latest version of Google Chrome now prevents background tabs from sucking the majority of a device's power and CPU performance.

What's App Thu Mar 16 2017

Google Startup Incubator Area 120 Unveils Uptime App, View Videos and Interact With Friends and Colleagues in Real-time

The Uptime app expands that functionality into pre-recorded videos that have already been uploaded on YouTube.

What's App Tue Mar 14 2017

Pandora Launches Pandora Premium Paid Service, Takes on Spotify and Apple Music

Pandora recently launched its new music on-demand subscription service called Pandora Premium.

What's App Tue Mar 14 2017

Google Gboard Update Brings Real-time Translation, Themes and Emoji Suggestions

The app now translates any typed text into any of the 90 languages available via Google Translate.

What's App Fri Mar 10 2017

‘Clash Royale’ Update: ‘Clan Battle’ 2 Versus 2 Multiplayer Mode Confirmed to be Coming Soon [VIDEO]

The new mode will pit up to four players on four separate devices in an all-out “Clash Royale” mayhem.

What's App Fri Mar 10 2017

Facebook Launches Facebook 360 App for Gear VR, Get Access to VR Content That Matters

The new Facebook 360 app lets users see and access all of the Facebook VR content right in one application.

What's App Thu Mar 09 2017

Tinder Select is as an Exclusive Invite-only Dating App for Millionaires, Models, and Celebrities

The Tinder Select app is set to be the exclusive dating app for millionaires, celebrities, models and beautiful people.

What's App Thu Mar 09 2017

'Pokémon Go' Update: Niantic CEO Confirms Legendary Pokémon Coming Later This Year, Next Update Overhauls Gym Battles

Niantic recently released a substantial update for "Pokémon Go," which included the addition of 80 new Pokémon.

What's App Wed Mar 08 2017

Snapchat Stocks to Face Big Hurdles on Wall Street Before Becoming the Next Facebook or Google [VIDEO]

The company did enjoy a big jump after the initial public offering (IPO) was launched, but it has since then dropped to 11 percent below its $24 opening price.

What's App Wed Mar 08 2017

Facebook Silently Launches New 'Disputed' Tag for Fake News Posts

A new feature has apparently now been silently put into effect, which basically puts a "Disputed" tag beneath a proven fake news story.

What's App Mon Mar 06 2017

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