Nintendo Switch and NES Classic On Limited Sale at Best Buy Today

Best Buy has announced that they will actually be getting new stocks of the Switch and the NES Classic today.

Games Wed Mar 29 2017

Microsoft Project Scorpio Latest News: The Monster Console Is Already In Production; Pre-Order Starts By The Second Half Of 2017

Microsoft's codenamed Project Scorpio reportedly will start taking pre-orders right after the E3 event this year as speculations about the console currently in production are prevalent.

Games Tue Mar 28 2017

PlayStation 4 Pro Media Player App Update Out Today; Support For 4K Video On PS4 Pro Rolled Out

The PlayStation 4 Pro Media Player app update rolled out today providing support for 4K video on PS4 Pro and PS4 Pro VR.

Games Tue Mar 28 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest News: Hybrid Console Will Have Problems With Supply, Says Gamestop

GameStop executive predicted that with the recent demand for the hybrid console, it is most likely that the device will have supply problems for the entire year.

Games Tue Mar 28 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest News: Details Of Pokemon Trading System Confirmed By CEO

The details of the highly anticipated "Pokemon Go" Trading System has been revealed by Niantic CEO John Hanke, which in a way gives light to the recent speculations raised by fans.

Games Tue Mar 28 2017

'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Super Pack 3 DLC Latest Update: Introduces Bojack As A Master; New Skills, Costumes, Characters & More Added

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" Super Pack 3 DLC will introduce new characters, including Bojack as a master, a bigger main hub, new costumes and new skills among others.

Games Tue Mar 28 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition: Stock Shortages Are Looming Despite Reassurance From Company Boss

Despite a previous assurance given by Nintendo, the NES Classic Mini has once again run out of stocks.

Games Mon Mar 27 2017

Bethesda's 'The Elder Scrolls: Legends' Collectible Card Game Out Now for iOS Tablets [VIDEO]

Apple iPad owners can download and try out the game right now on the Apple App Store for free.

Games Fri Mar 24 2017

'Destiny 2' Leaks: Alleged Leaked Poster Reveals The Game's September Release Date & Possible Beta Version On The PS4 This Summer

"Destiny 2" is apparently on the game radar thanks to recent leaks of its upcoming release date.

Games Fri Mar 24 2017

The Water Festival Increases The Spawn Of Several Rare Water-Type Pokemon: Lapras, Dragonite & Dratini Will Likely Appear More In The Event

Aside from the shiny Magikarp, a number of rare Pokemon will also be appearing in the week-long event.

Games Fri Mar 24 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest News: Japanese Tech Giant Found A Solution For The Joy-Con Connectivity Issue

The recent issue reported by several users about the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers have been fixed by Nintendo.

Games Thu Mar 23 2017

'Pokemon Go' Water Festival Event: Shiny Pokemon & Other Updates Have Just Arrived!

Niantic Lab's massive AR game will be releasing shiny creatures to treat loyal fans.

Games Thu Mar 23 2017

April 2017 PlayStation Plus Free Games Update: Sony Reveals One of the Games Coming Next Month, Booster Pack Added as Bonus [VIDEO]

Sony has now dished out a few surprises for its paying members ahead of its official PlayStation Plus free games announcement.

Games Thu Mar 23 2017

April 2017 Xbox Games with Gold Free Games: 'ARK Survival' and 'Call of Duty' Predicted, Full List to be Announced This Week

The two games that are rumored to be included in next month's Games with Gold free games are "ARK Survival Evolved" and an unspecified "Call of Duty" title.

Games Thu Mar 23 2017

Microsoft's Recon Tech Special Edition Controller: A Tactical Beauty That's Worth Investing In

Microsoft's Recon Tech Special Edition Controller might just be the perfect thing if you are looking to upgrade your Xbox One controller.

Games Thu Mar 23 2017

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