Sony Upgrades PlayStation 4 Slim Storage Capacity at No Extra Cost

Sony has now announced that they will be offering a slight upgrade to the slim version of its gaming system.

Games Thu Apr 20 2017

Xbox Live Issues Reported On Xbox One Earlier Today

Microsoft's Xbox Live Network seems to have run into some minor issues.

Games Wed Apr 19 2017

Latest Free iOS Games: These 3 Titles Are Guaranteed To Bring You Hours Of Fun

Looking for a game to kill time, check out Apples latest line of free games.

Games Wed Apr 19 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Major Events Coming After The Easter Eggstravaganza

After the Easter Eggstravaganza event, recent reports claims that major events are coming to the widely played augmented reality game "Pokemon Go."

Games Tue Apr 18 2017

Thank You Wii U For Bringing Us The Switch: Nintendo's Hybrid Console Sold 2.4 Million Units In Debut Month

Reportedly, Nintendo was able to sell 2.4 million units in March, its fastest selling game console to date.

Games Tue Apr 18 2017

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Latest News: DICE Applied Massive Overhaul To The Latest Game; Changes In Vehicles, Heroes, Space Commande & More

"Starwars Battlefront 2" has been recently revealed during the "Star Wars" Celebration and juicy details about the massive game changes has been disclosed by DICE.

Games Mon Apr 17 2017

Nintendo to Discontinue Production of NES Classic Consoles Despite Increasing Demand

Nintendo also reiterated that they hadn't really intended for the NES Classic to be a long-term product.

Games Mon Apr 17 2017

Xbox Two & PS 5 Latest News & Update: The Progress of Each Company's Next-Generation Console

PS5 recently claimed that they are nearing photorealism while Xbox Two's latest reveal are essential details about Microsoft's next-gen console.

Games Sat Apr 15 2017

NES Classic Edition Update: Price For The Exclusive Console Is Now At Par With the Nintendo Switch

The gaming community got a surprise yesterday when Nintendo pulled the plug for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

Games Sat Apr 15 2017

'Fallout 4 VR' Latest News: Bethesda's Latest Game Will Be An Industry Changer, AMD VP Says

The upcoming virtual reality game developed by Bethesda is praised by AMD Vice President saying this could be a game changer and may even take the same feat as Nintendo's plumbing bros.

Games Fri Apr 14 2017

The End Of The NES Classic Edition: Nintendo Discontinues The Production Of The Classic Console

A company representative confirmed that the last shipments of the plug-and-play classic console would arrive in stores later this month.

Games Fri Apr 14 2017

Microsoft Project Scorpio Officially Announced to Make its Debut at 2017 E3

Phil Spencer has confirmed that they will be pulling the curtains off their next generation console at the 2017 E3 event in June.

Games Thu Apr 13 2017

Nintendo Unveiled New Joy-Con Battery Pack and Neon Yellow Color Option

Nintendo has just announced that they will be releasing several new hardware add-ons that will let players customize and better utilize their gaming systems.

Games Thu Apr 13 2017

'Bayonetta' PC Announced: 4K Support, Advanced Graphics & More Details Revealed; Watch The Trailer Here [VIDEO]

Sega's cult classic action game 'Bayonetta' has just arrived on Steam bearing a reasonable price tag of $19.99.

Games Wed Apr 12 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic To Possibly Announce Easter Event; Easter Eggs On Their Way

"Pokemon Go" will possibly announce the highly anticipated Easter event as players prepare for the Easter eggs to arrive in the game.

Games Tue Apr 11 2017

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