'Pokemon Go' Latest Event News: Grass Event Launched; Things That You Need To Know

The most recent "Pokemon Go" Grass Event has been officially launched by Niantic, The grass type Pokemon for the event have been revealed.

Games Sun May 07 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest Stock News: The Hybrid Console Is Selling Like Crazy

The recently released hybrid console from Nintendo dubbed as the Nintendo Switch is selling like crazy according to GameStop.

Games Tue May 02 2017

'Monster Strike' English Version to be Shut Down in August

Only a small portion of the game's $1.3 billion revenue comes from English-language territories.

Games Tue May 02 2017

Is This How A Nintendo Switch VR Headset Could Look Like? An Avid Gamer Discovered A Way To Use Switch For VR [VIDEO]

Looks like an avid gamer has figured out how he can use his Nintendo Switch for virtual reality; however; it's not ideal at all.

Games Mon May 01 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest News: A Gamer Made His Nintendo Switch Work For VR

An interesting claim surfaced on the web recently about a Nintendo Switch owner using the hybrid console and made a VR.

Games Mon May 01 2017

Nintendo Switch Stock News: Hybrid Console Stock Is Back In Best Buy Today

The now elusive hybrid console, Nintendo Switch is back on the shelves today at Best Buy, however, interested buyers need to buy as soon as possible as stocks are usually zeroed the day after.

Games Sun Apr 30 2017

PlayStation 4 Latest News: Sony Ships 64 Million PS4 Units

Sony is up to something, as the company recently announced shipping 64 million units of PlayStation 4.

Games Sun Apr 30 2017

Nintendo 2DS XL Release Date, Features, Price & Other Details [VIDEO]

Nintendo has randomly announced the new 2DS XL, demonstrating their commitment to the hand-held market.

Games Sat Apr 29 2017

Nintendo Unveils a New 2DS XL Handheld System Out of the Blue

The Nintendo 2DS XL is basically a 3DS XL without the 3D-capable screen and the additional of several new features.

Games Fri Apr 28 2017

'Call Of Duty: World War II' Release Date, Setting, Pre-Orders; Check Out The Next 'CoD' Title's Reveal Trailer [VIDEO]

Sledgehammer Games gave "CoD" a brief glimpse of its upcoming title dubbed "Call of Duty: World War II" in the form of a recently rolled out reveal trailer.

Games Thu Apr 27 2017

PS Plus May 2017 Leaked Ahead Of The Free Games Drop On May 2; Check Out Full PS Plus Games List [VIDEO]

PS Plus subscribers, rejoice! Sony has revealed the PS Plus free games for May.

Games Thu Apr 27 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Latest Stock Update: Elusive Retro Console Available At Best Buy Today

The elusive retro console of Nintendo, the NES Classic Edition is available starting today at Best Buy, however, since the stocks are always running out, gamers should check the store as soon as possible.

Games Tue Apr 25 2017

'Pokemon GO' Latest Update: Niantic Rolled Out Massive Global Change In The Game

Niantic recently released massive game changes on a global scale for the augmented reality hit game, "Pokemon GO."

Games Mon Apr 24 2017

Xbox Scorpio Latest News: Price, Specs, Features & More

The Xbox Scorpio was recently the subject of leak where it was revealed that the unit will be sold at $399.

Games Mon Apr 24 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest News: Company Sets New Records With Switch & Zelda

Nintendo recently set a new world record for being the best-selling game console of all time, while "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" nabbed the best-selling title award.

Games Sat Apr 22 2017

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