Nintendo NX Reveal Happening This December 2016 Instead Of October?

News about Nintendo NX getting revealed next week have started surfacing. If any, the significance of the date links to the fifth anniversary of Nintendo Direct though a December launch might make more sense.

by C. de Lacy


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Wifi And LTE Variant To Be Released On Early 2017 Along with Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy Tab S3 was first rumored to be launched on September at the IFA 2016 in Berlin; however, the announcement did not happen.

by Kirsten Kane


Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 vs HTC 10 Review: Specs & Features Comparison

The Google Pixel, the HTC 10, and the iPhone 7 have been some of the best flagship smartphones of 2016. All three models boast impressive specs and we thought of doing a comparison review of the three models to help you decide which one to go for.

by Anish Asokan


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MacBook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Book i7 Review: Laptop Giants Faceoff

Apple and Microsoft recently announced their latest versions of laptops, giving consumers quite a tough decision to make. While both have similar specs, there are some considerable differences that might make you choose. Here is a quick rundown.

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'Mafia 3' Best And Easiest Cheats For God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Money And More

Like most open-world games, there are tons of things to do in "MAFIA 3," but along with these, there are also an equally large amount of tasks to complete in order to grow that empire and get better equipment in-game. Here's one of the best cheating solution for those who want to speed through the tedious process.

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iPhone 7 Issues: Three Most Common Problems That Can Be Solved With These Simple Tricks

With the arrival of the iPhone 7 comes great expectations. Most are met as Apple's new handset is a huge improvement over its previous models. Still, there are some problems that also come with it. These issues, however, aren't deal breakers, and all you need is the right solution. Here are some of the most common iPhone 7 issues and their respective fixes.

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Android Malware And Ransomware Risk: How To Track And Fix Them

While malware and ransomware aren't pain in the necks like their Windows counterparts, they still prove to be a serious concern, especially when money, trickery, and extortion are involved. Here are the latest types of Android ransomware and how to kill them off for good.

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iOS 10.1 vs Entry Level DSLRs Canon 1300D, Nikon D3400: How To Use The iPhone 7 Camera Like A Pro Better Than Portrait Mode

The recently released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S are great pieces of work and with of all the specs, these two handsets stand out especially in terms of camera. Can they match the photo quality of entry level DSLRs like the Canon 1300D or the Nikon D3400?

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