'The Seven Deadly Sins' Season 2 OVA New Plot Details, Spoilers: 'Signs Of Holy War' To Air This February 2017?

"The Seven Deadly Sins" season 2 OVA plot will focus on new threats at the Kingdom of Leonas where the princess and the deadly sin knights along with Hawk were enjoying their peaceful lives.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

‘Rurouni Kenshin’ Manga: New ‘Hokkaido Arc’ To Arrive This Year, ‘Kengeki Kenran’ Game Set To Launch Too! See Release Date Inside

“Rurouni Kenshin” manga is set to see a new arc called “Hokkaido Arc.” A game called “Rurouni Kenshin: Kengeki Kenran” that is based on the manga is also set to come out this year.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

‘Attack On Titan’ Anime Season 2: Air Date, Trailer, Episodes Details Inside; Also Check Out ‘Escape From Certain Death’ Game Release Here!

“Attack on Titan” anime season 2 air date is set on April 1. The new “Attack on Titan” episodes will see more Titans breach Wall Rose.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

‘Bones’ Happy Ending Speculated? FOX Series, to be Shot in Newfoundland [UPDATES]

The popular ‘Bones’ is back and it is going to be shot in Canada.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

[SPOILERS] ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 14: Alex Returns, Meredith Makes Tough Decision

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 episode 14 is slated to see the return of Alex in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. However, he will not see Meredith when he comes back as the latter is still suspended from the job.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Episode 14 Spoilers: Damon Meets Torture To Save Elena? Finale To See Returning Cast And Death

“The Vampire Diaries” episodes will see its final three in the coming weeks. As the show reaches “The Vampire Diaries” finale, exciting twists will lead to a beloved character’s death.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

[SPOILERS] ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Episode 12, 13: JSA Protects Spear Of Destiny? Waverider Crashes, Heroes Thrown 70 Million Years Away

“Legends of Tomorrow” Season 2 episode 12 and 13 are packed with action as the heroes go back in time to protect the Spear of Destiny. However, evil Rip Hunter is set to crash the Waverider that will send the Legends 70 million years away in the past.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

'Supernatural' Season 12 Episode 13 'Family Feud' Spoilers: Lucifer Is Coming Back For His Child? Sam & Dean hunt Down Crowley's Son?

Showrunner Andrew Dabb confirms that Lucifer is about to return in another human body. Also, angels are looking forward to kill her while she is forced to take help from a demon for her protection.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Eli To Confront Valerie About His Father? Eli Wants To Tell Julie About Their Relationship? Eli Gets Closer To Gabi?

According to the "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Eli might take his time in revealing his relationship with Julie. Spoilers also talk about Eli confronting Valerie for the truth about his father.

Culture Mon Feb 20 2017

[SPOILERS] ‘Arrow’ Season 5 To Explain The Moral, Psychology Of Oliver Queen’s Killings; Prometheus’ Grand Plan Begins

“Arrow” Season 5 is set to detail the reasons behind Oliver Queen’s killing decisions. Episode 14 will see the beginning of Prometheus’ grand plan.

Culture Sun Feb 19 2017

‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12: Last Nine Episodes Dive Deeper Into Huge, Heartbreaking Spencer Reid Arc; Here’s What We Know

“Criminal Minds” Season 12 is set to dive deeper in the new, huge and heartbreaking Spencer Reid Arc. The last nine episodes are expected to highlight Reid’s ongoing case.

Culture Sun Feb 19 2017

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers February 20-24: Will Ivy Tell Eric, Brooke About Quinn, Ridge Secret? Steffy Disapproves Thomas

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for the week of February 20-24 claimed that Ivy might feel obliged to tell Eric and Brooke about what she saw between Ridge and Quinn. Thomas, on the other hand, will feel more resentment from family as Steffy disapproves his work.

Culture Sun Feb 19 2017

'One Piece' Chapter 856 Spoilers: Big Mom Finally Meets Her End? Straw Hats To Get Help From Allies?

"One Piece" chapter 856 is about to bring up some new schemes among the Straw Hat Pirates. And, the focus would be to defeat Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom.

Culture Sat Feb 18 2017

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Episode 15 'Civil War' Spoilers: Amelia Is Back With A Major Revelation? Hospital Politics On The Rise?

"Grey's Anatomy" season 13 episode 15 is about to feature Amelia once again whose actor had been on a maternity leave for the past several months. Moreover, there is a lot going on at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital...

Culture Sat Feb 18 2017

‘This Is Us’ Season 1 Episode 16 Heads To Memphis; Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore Talk About Rebecca, Jack Marriage Issues

“This is Us” Season 1 Episode 16 will see Randall and William head to Memphis. This might reveal more about William’s past.

Culture Fri Feb 17 2017

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