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New Google Docs Phishing Scam Hacks Personal Emails and Contacts List

The email itself pretends to be a legitimate Google Doc invite that may show the sender as being one of the names on the target's contact list.

How To Thu May 04 2017

Google Home Now Supports Multiple Users, Device Can Be 'trained' to Recognize Voices

Google Home can now respond to each user's inquiry with answers that are relevant to their specific information.

How To Fri Apr 21 2017

Nintendo Switch Scams Pops Up on Amazon, How to Spot the Fakes

New Nintendo Switch units are apparently popping up in Amazon that seems to offer the console at a discounted price.

How To Fri Mar 31 2017

Twitter Officially Removes Usernames From 140-Character Limit

Starting today, usernames within @ replies will no longer be counted towards the 140-character limit.

How To Fri Mar 31 2017

Best Phone 7 and iPhone 6s Discounts and Deals, Cheap Ways to Jump to iOS

Those who want to shift to iOS from Android are in luck as older iPhone models are mostly now within reach.

How To Fri Mar 31 2017

Nintendo Switch and NES Classic On Limited Sale at Best Buy Today

Best Buy has announced that they will actually be getting new stocks of the Switch and the NES Classic today.

How To Wed Mar 29 2017

Facebook Live Now Available on Desktop, Professional Live Gaming, Vlogs and Broadcasts Now Possible [VIDEO]

Facebook has announced an update to Facebook Live that would finally let users use the feature with their desktop computers.

How To Thu Mar 23 2017

Microsoft Launches Quick Migration Tool for Mac Users, Transfer Data to Windows 10 Devices with a Few Clicks [VIDEO]

Microsoft quietly launched a brand new tool that is meant to make the migration from Apple devices to Windows devices relatively easy.

How To Tue Mar 21 2017

Google Adds Parking Spot Feature to Google Maps, Lets Users Take Down Notes, Photos and Keep Track of Time Left at Meter [VIDEO]

The biggest feature is Google’s built-in timer, which will let users set the time they have left on any particular parking spot.

How To Tue Mar 21 2017

Nintendo Switch Stock Update: Nintendo to Double Production of Units, New Stocks Coming This Week

Nintendo has now announced that they will, in fact, be doubling its Nintendo Switch production to meet the rising demand.

How To Mon Mar 20 2017

Latest Google Chrome Version Doesn't Suck as Much Battery and CPU Anymore [VIDEO]

The latest version of Google Chrome now prevents background tabs from sucking the majority of a device's power and CPU performance.

How To Thu Mar 16 2017

Nintendo Switch 'Jailbreak' Exploit Uncovered, Root Access Found in Hidden WebKit Browser

Luca Todesco managed to get root access to the console's systems by employing the same technique he had used on iOS 9 devices.

How To Wed Mar 15 2017

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Overclocking Tips: Easy Overclocking Nets 12Gbps of Performance [VIDEO]

Overclocking the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti increases its performance to over that of even the Titan X.

How To Mon Mar 13 2017

Pokémon Go' Hack 1.27.4 Update: The Latest Game Hack That Lets You Check GPS Spoof, IVs & More

The "Pokemon Go" Hack 1.27.4 Update, which allows users to check Pokemon IVs and gives them GPS spoofing capability, can be installed, here's how.

How To Thu Mar 09 2017

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