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'Pokemon GO' Gen 2: Best Attacks In The Current Meta [Guide]

The 'Pokemon GO' Gen 2 update introduced a revamp in the attacks of the Pokemon. This also changes the best attacks to defend and capture a Pokemon Gym

Mobile Games Sat Mar 04 2017

'Pokemon Go' Guide: Evolving Pokemon Using Special Items, Their Drop Rates & More [VIDEO]

Trainers can boost their chance of evolving Pokemon by using Special Items. Thankfully, the internet is brimming with "Pokemon Go" guide to evolving or powering up their Pokemon.

Mobile Games Sat Mar 04 2017

'Pokemon Go' Upcoming Event: Massive Snorlax Spawns Are Coming To A City In Japan

A new "Pokemon Go" event will be launched exclusively in Japan to help a certain city that has been hit by a series of massive earthquakes.

Mobile Games Fri Mar 03 2017

‘Clash Royale’ March 2017 Update: Classic & Grand Draft Challenge, Friendly Team Battles Update: Supercell Keeping Fans Guessing

"Clash Royale" players did not receive the anticipated "Clash Royale" March 2017 update early this month. Supercell did not treat fans with any event or big update on the game's first anniversary.

Mobile Games Fri Mar 03 2017

'Pokémon Go' Update: Niantic Shares New Details on Pokemon Trading System, Feature Likely Released Within the Year

Trading Pokémon is of course one of the hallmarks of the previously released "Pokémon" titles and is a sought after feature for serious players.

Mobile Games Fri Mar 03 2017

Supercell’s ‘Clash Royale’ News And Update: Team Battle Mode As Major Feature Teased In Crazy Supercell Easter Egg [VIDEO]

Supercell’s ‘Clash Royale’ teased a new major feature for players which is said to be the Team Battle mode.

Mobile Games Thu Mar 02 2017

'Pokemon GO' Gen 3 Update May Be Released In September, Niantic CEO Hinted Of Two Major Updates

The 'Pokemon GO' Gen 3 update may be released this year. Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed that there are two more major updates that will be introduced to the AR game this year.

Mobile Games Thu Mar 02 2017

'FIFA 17' Winter Update: German Bundesliga Ratings Refreshed Including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nabil Bentaleb & More

"FIFA 17" Winter Upgrades has seen a number of players who have been upgraded as part of Ratings Refreshed campaign.

Mobile Games Wed Mar 01 2017

‘Injustice 2’ Mobile Version In May Confirmed; Horrific Scarecrow & Green Arrow Discussed

North America is still waiting for the “Injustice 2” mobile game to arrive while some parts of the world are already playing it. Recently, some brand new mobile footage for the game was received at GDC.

Mobile Games Tue Feb 28 2017

‘Pokemon GO’ & ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Update: Shiny Tapu Koko Serial Codes, Special Pikachu, Bottle Cap & More

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” players will soon have the chance to get the special Legendary Pokemon, Shiny Tapu Koko in Japan from March 17 to April 9. The Shiny version of the Legendary Pokemon will be released via a serial code. The codes will be available from 7-11 stores in Japan. This is the first time such a Pokemon is being given.

Mobile Games Tue Feb 28 2017

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: For Special Evolution Items, Players Shouldn’t Stop Spinning PokeStops; Drop Rates Revealed

If a “Pokemon GO” player wants the Sun Stone, Metal Coat or Upgrade, he has to be very lucky, at least that’s what drop rates of the evolutionary items suggest. However, even though getting special items is not easy, it’s not impossible as well.

Mobile Games Tue Feb 28 2017

'Pokemon GO' Double XP Event Teased, The Silph Road And Fan Theories About The Upcoming Event

The next "Pokemon GO" event will have something to do with the Pokemon Candies. Fans speculate that Niantic may launch a double xp event for Easter.

Mobile Games Tue Feb 28 2017

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