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'Pokemon GO' Latest Update: Niantic Rolled Out Massive Global Change In The Game

Niantic recently released massive game changes on a global scale for the augmented reality hit game, "Pokemon GO."

Mobile Games Mon Apr 24 2017

'Minecraft Pocket Edition' Gets 'Fallout Mashup Pack' DLC for Android

The new DLC pack will be marrying together the world of "Minecraft" with the post-apocalyptic content from the "Fallout" franchise.

Mobile Games Fri Apr 21 2017

Latest Free iOS Games: These 3 Titles Are Guaranteed To Bring You Hours Of Fun

Looking for a game to kill time, check out Apples latest line of free games.

Mobile Games Wed Apr 19 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Major Events Coming After The Easter Eggstravaganza

After the Easter Eggstravaganza event, recent reports claims that major events are coming to the widely played augmented reality game "Pokemon Go."

Mobile Games Tue Apr 18 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic To Possibly Announce Easter Event; Easter Eggs On Their Way

"Pokemon Go" will possibly announce the highly anticipated Easter event as players prepare for the Easter eggs to arrive in the game.

Mobile Games Tue Apr 11 2017

'Pokemon GO' Wins Big At The BAFTA Awards: Game Still Has 65 Million Active Players According to CEO

Despite a declining number of daily users, "Pokemon Go" is still one of the world's most played mobile game.

Mobile Games Mon Apr 10 2017

FX Launches Series Tie-in 'Archer, P.I' Augmented Reality Video Game [VIDEO]

The puzzle solving mobile game lets users bring to life different targets embedded into different scenes within the new episodes.

Mobile Games Mon Apr 03 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest News: Details Of Pokemon Trading System Confirmed By CEO

The details of the highly anticipated "Pokemon Go" Trading System has been revealed by Niantic CEO John Hanke, which in a way gives light to the recent speculations raised by fans.

Mobile Games Tue Mar 28 2017

Bethesda's 'The Elder Scrolls: Legends' Collectible Card Game Out Now for iOS Tablets [VIDEO]

Apple iPad owners can download and try out the game right now on the Apple App Store for free.

Mobile Games Fri Mar 24 2017

The Water Festival Increases The Spawn Of Several Rare Water-Type Pokemon: Lapras, Dragonite & Dratini Will Likely Appear More In The Event

Aside from the shiny Magikarp, a number of rare Pokemon will also be appearing in the week-long event.

Mobile Games Fri Mar 24 2017

'Pokemon Go' Water Festival Event: Shiny Pokemon & Other Updates Have Just Arrived!

Niantic Lab's massive AR game will be releasing shiny creatures to treat loyal fans.

Mobile Games Thu Mar 23 2017

A Look At How Pokemon Go Started According To Niantic Designer David Hollin [Fun Facts]

The Pokemon game that caught the world's attention is finally opening up its origins.

Mobile Games Wed Mar 22 2017

'Super Mario Run' Is Finally Available For Android Devices: App Set To Launch On March 23

Finally, Android users will now be able to play "Super Mario Run."

Mobile Games Mon Mar 20 2017

Nintendo Set to Roll Out Huge ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Update Next Month, Permadeath and New Modes to be Featured

The changes coming to the game range from new battles features, new rules, and big events to further engage current players and entice new players to join in.

Mobile Games Thu Mar 16 2017

Android March Security Update Disables 'Pokémon Go' GPS Spoofing Hacks

The recently released Android March Security Update essentially disables all of the "Pokémon Go" GPS hacks within Android Nougat.

Mobile Games Wed Mar 15 2017

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