T-Mobile introduces ad-free Rhapsody unRadio, Music Freedom with no data charges – Check it out

19 June 2014, 7:15 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

T-Mobile is joining the music streaming party with attractive new offers, including a neat service called Rhapsody unRadio.

The company held its "Un-carrier" event on Wednesday, June 18, where it announced exciting news and options, including some neat incentives for music lovers. First of all, customers on T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan will be able to stream music from popular services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, and Slacker, with Music Freedom - without it gnawing into their high-speed data caps.

"As a committed music freak, I'm personally outraged at the way the other guys are using the music you love to lure you into their over-priced plans with sweet 'promotional offers' that quickly roll into higher prices or trigger those absurd overage charges,' T-Mobile CEO and President John Legere said in a press release on Wednesday, June 18. "Music should be free of all that. Music should have no limits. So, beginning right now, you can stream all you want at T-Mobile from all the top music services - data charges do not apply."

Moreover, T-Mobile also unveiled a new service called unRadio, in collaboration with Rhapsody, which will provide an ad-free experience for streaming Internet radio. The service will allow users to skip tracks whenever they want, with no limits, and download 25 songs to their device.

"This new music streaming service is so unlike traditional Internet radio, there was only one possible name for it - unRadio," T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Mike Sievert said in the press release. "We wanted to do something over the top for our customers, so we teamed up with our friends across town at Rhapsody to do what the Un-carrier does so well - turning convention on its head to benefit our customers."

"Rhapsody unRadio gives music listeners an unbeatable combination: uninterrupted music with the ability to save and listen to their favorite songs anywhere," added Paul Springer, senior vice president for the Americas at Rhapsody. "We're excited to partner with the Un-carrier to launch unRadio for music lovers. Together, we've created a better Internet radio."

In terms of pricing options for the new music streaming service, T-Mobile's highest-tier customers will be able to enjoy unRadio completely free of charge. The service will cost $4 per month for other T-Mobile subscribers, and $5 per month otherwise. Rhapsody unRadio will initially become available for iOS, Android, and on the web, and is set to launch on June 22. For more information about this service, check out Rhapsody's website at this link.

In addition to this new option for music lovers, T-Mobile is also attracting smartphone shoppers with an exciting program. Called "T-Mobile Test Drive," the Un-carrier has announced that it will allow consumers to try out an iPhone 5S for free for seven days, complete with unlimited nationwide service. This seven-day trial program will kick off on June 23.

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