'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Goes Live; Launch Plagued By Server Issues; Error Codes

20 September 2016, 1:40 pm EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps
"Destiny: Rise of Iron" will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC users on Sept. 20.  ( Youtube )

Bungie has suffered server issues during the opening hour of its latest expansion"Destiny: Rise of Iron," leaving many players frustrated.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" went live at 2:30 am PDT, but most players who have eagerly awaited for the game's release ended up stuck on the heavy server queues, with some even reporting that there are over 100,000 players waiting in the queue at one point.

Some players have also encountered connectivity issues, with some reporting on Twitter that they are getting kicked out of the queue with an error message: tapir. According to the Bungie website, this error comes up whenever "Destiny" is down for maintenance.

Players are now slamming Bungie for not coming prepared for the influx of people who want to try "Rise of Iron" at launch. The expansion was launched a year after the previous DLC "The Taken King," and most fans have been waiting for this new expansion to drop for a while now.

With the hype surrounding the launch, Bungie should have expected the sheer number of people wanting to get in the game.

"We are continuing to investigate issues preventing players from signing in to 'Destiny' on all platforms," Bungie announced on its Twitter help page, which made fans more frustrated.

Disappointed fans now took to Twitter to air their concerns, most of which are server related issues like getting stuck in the queue and getting kicked out multiple times. Fans have been coming up with hilarious memes about the launch as well, with the hashtag #RiseOfTapir trending on the social media site.

"Rise of Iron" is the first huge update for "Destiny" in a while, adding tons of new items like 22 Exotic Weapon Ornaments, and new rewards like the Hex Caster ARC, Hopscotch Pilgrim, Cryptic Dragon and more.

A new Supremacy Quest can now be obtained from Lord Shaxx, and new Supremacy Bounties are also available.

Stay tuned for more "Destiny: Rise of Iron" news and updates.

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