'NBA 2K17' Cheats And Tricks: Infinite Virtual Coins Exploit And Easy Farming Guide

21 September 2016, 8:30 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps
2K Games' "NBA 2K17" will be released in September, and retail stores and websites are now offering pre-orders for the game. But is it smart to place a pre-order for "NBA 2K17" right now?   ( Harry How / Getty Images )

Here some of the best cheats for the recently released "NBA 2K17," including unlimited virtual coins and easy farming.

Easy Virtual Coins Farming

First is the guide for those who don't feel like "cheating," but want an easy way on earning virtual coins. This guide, courtesy of Cheat Code Central, is by not exactly a "cheat" per se, and wouldn't affect the players' online standing.

One method is by setting up MyLeague using on of the historic Bulls team. Afterwards, Simcast this live through each game. This will nab players somewhere around 200 to 300 Virtual Coins each game and games only take about 15 minutes each.

Another handy trick is by using the MyNBA2K17 app. Through this, players can get free Virtual Coins at least thrice a day. Any Android or iOS device can be used for this method and the only needed step is by logging into the GameCenter. Logging in to Google adds even more Virtual Coin bonus.

Unlimited Virtual Coins

Take note that this may be patched soon and it is highly advised that players take advantage of it now while it lasts.

To trigger the glitch, select "Play Now" then "Play Now Online". From here on, select a Tier 4 team.

Once the game have started, initiate a foul right away against the other team, pause the game and select "Quit."

This should nab players 500 Virtual Coins right away. Do the same thing twice and this time, quitting the game entirely to save the "progress" of getting the Virtual Coins. This is through quitting the app or by restarting the system.

This can be repeated as much as players would like, but this may not work on the patched versions of the game. This could be ideal for those who just got the "NBA 2K17" and haven't patched it yet.

Stay tuned for more "NBA 2K17" cheats, guides, tricks, and tips.

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