'Grand Theft Auto 6' Cancelled For Good? Rockstar, Take-Two Focusing On 'GTA 5' DLCs For Now?

22 September 2016, 7:30 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps
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While fans haven't gotten any dose of "Red Dead Redemption 2," worse news may come for those waiting for "Grand Theft Auto 6" because rumors has it that the game may be axed altogether. Is this for good?

"GTA 6" or "Grand Theft Auto 6" was a no-show in the recent game events, same as "Red Dead Redemption 2." Take-Two itself is nowhere near being spotted at the recent PlayStation meeting or Tokyo Game Show 2016.

If any, this is indicative of a postponed game from Rockstar and Take-Two. We don't even know if the games are in-development or being thought of at this point. Rockstar and Take-Two's absence further strengthens the rumors and possibility of both games not seeing the light of the day any time soon.

Several news like ones from Neurogadget stated that Rockstar and Take-Two are focusing more on the already released "Grand Theft Auto 5" in terms of support. This may mean more DLCs in the future or even expansions, but "GTA 6" may have its future dimmer due to this if this is actually the case.

The good thing about these is the fact that all of them are still to be taken as a grain of salt. No official announcement has been made yet regarding the cancellation or the development either.

In fact, it would make more sense that "GTA 6" will be postponed, even delayed for a few more years. It could be remembered that there was almost a three-year gap between the releases of the console and PC version.

It may not be directly related, but given the pattern of how folks from Rockstar and Take-Two works on projects like "GTA V," "GTA 6" may be something we'd see much later.

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