NX vs Scorpio: Will Nintendo Bow Down To Microsoft Like The PS4 Pro?

22 September 2016, 8:04 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps
Nintendo NX Mock Render  ( Nintendo NX Mock Render - Credit: Dualpixels.com )

Now that gamers can somewhat exclude PlayStation 4 Neo or PlayStation 4 Pro out of the picture, the console war is now between the Nintendo NX and Xbox Scorpio. Which one will be the better platform?

There are rumors suggesting that the Nintendo NX will underperform compared to the Xbox Scorpio and even the PlayStation 4 Pro. A report from ValueWalk brought out the facts regarding the previous bad sales performance of the Wii U and how this may or may not happen.

Even without any word or hint from the makers of the Nintendo NX, people still have faith that the next console will feature a hybrid/mobile console type of experience. This was how the Wii U was, or at least what it tried to be.

These rumors may be based on the leaked images that surfaced some time ago or even co-relate with Nintendo's prior statements regarding the "Quality of Life" console. If the Nintendo NX actually ends up like what it is being rumored to be, then it will be another game changer like how the original Wii was received.

If theories are correct, the Nintendo NX may be powered by Tegra X2 chip from Nvidia. This has also been covered by WiiU Daily and the report scraps the possibility of Nintendo's upcoming console using a mobile chip.

As with the comparison, rumor has it that the Tegra X2 may be as powerful as the PlayStation 4 and the same Pascal architecture that is found on GPUs like GTX 1080, but this isn't to say that it will be of the same processing muscle as the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, which is also going to support native 4K resolutions for games.

In this regard, it would be safe to assume that Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio will take the point, especially with how graphically intensive the games for Xbox One already are.

There are also rumors that the Nintendo NX will have the upper hand in terms of region restrictions as it will virtually have none. This means that any game can be played on any console from any country.

There's no word as to how the Xbox Scorpio will approach the region restriction issue, but if Nintendo does it, it will be a first and a good move nonetheless.

At the end of the day, being a winner from such a competition is subjective as the two consoles are tailored for very different audiences. It would depend on which titles will be released for the games and the exclusives. The Nintendo NX may be a better platform for certain players, but the Xbox Scorpio will be more powerful.

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