'Pokémon Sun and Moon' News: Harambe Close To Being Added In Roster Through Online Petition

23 September 2016, 8:00 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps
"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016.  ( BagoGames / Flickr )

After the death of a gorilla named Harambe went viral, fans of the upcoming "Pokémon Sun and Moon," along with animal supports, have been hard at work. Are we close to seeing Harambe in the game?

Nintendo News once covered a topic a month ago regarding what used to be an internet joke then turned to an actual petition. This was about people signing petitions adding the viral slain gorilla named Harambe.

Just a few more weeks and a month before the game's final release, the petition seems to be doing good and there's hope of seeing Hambo and Harambe added in the game.

In a video below, The Official Pokémon Channel recently released another trailer introducing two new primates name Passimian and Oranguru. Two new primate pokémon.

While these pokémon doesn't have any real direct relation to peoples request in adding Hambo and especially Harambe, it may somewhat symbolize them as fans all have the means in co-relating just about anything in the internet.

Passimian is a Sun exclusive pokémon while Oranguru is a Moon exclusive one. This was a sad fact for those who thought about evolving Passimian to Oranguru.

Even with the inclusion of the two new primates in the game, some fans are still pushing through with actually requesting to add Harambe itself along with the name on "Pokémon Sun and Moon." The petition has been on-going since last month and is almost 35,000 short of the 150,000 supporters needed.

For those who want to help add the viral and noble gorilla in the "Pokémon Sun and Moon" mix, the online petition is still active at Change.org. However, regardless of meeting the petition goals won't exactly mean Nintendo agreeing to add the ape in the game.

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