'Pokémon GO' Guide: Glitch To Catch Rare And Better Pokémon Easily

23 September 2016, 7:00 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps
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As days go by, Niantic is getting increasingly strict in terms of watching over "Pokémon GO" players and making sure nobody is getting unfair advantage through cheating. However, there are still some select tricks that may make things easier for trainers on certain occasions like the incense trick.

One redditor posted a theory regarding a "Pokémon GO" glitch about rare pokémon appearing out of nowhere. This happened to be tested by a number of players and trainers and most of them gets interesting results.

The theory started when redditor Sionarra, along with his or her girlfriend went out for a walk to a place where the PokéRadar shows blank results. This meant no nearby pokémon can be spotted and the likeliness of stumbling to one is almost next to none without the use of certain items.

In a little experiment that they've made using an incense on a place with no "nearby" pokémon, a Vulpix arrived. This is followed by a number of other pokémon that they have never seen in that particular place including Ponyta, Diglets and Dragonairs.

A number of respondents on the original post claimed that they have experienced the same thing regarding the use of incense on a place where Nearby list shows nothing.

With such areas, when the incense is used, pokémon will start appearing. Due to the server or the app not being able to tell which pokémon to spawn, the game happens to choose randomly instead and this include ones who aren't normally appearing on any particular place.

Still, there are no definitive proofs of these yet despite being one month around the community, but a lot of players still do the same thing and manages to capture unique pokémon and even rares.

Below is a video demonstrating and explaining how the weird incense glitch (or not) works and it does seem logical at certain points.

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