'Dangan Ronpa 3 Future Arc' Episode 12 Spoilers: Is Tengan The Real Mastermind? Final Episode Airs Next Week

23 September 2016, 7:14 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps
"Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy" will end next week, with "Future Arc" Episode 12 airing on Sept. 26, and the final episode "Side/Hope" airing on Sept. 29.  ( Wikimedia Commons )

After numerous theories and shocking moments, the story of "Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy Future Arc" is finally coming to an end. What other secrets do the series have in store for fans?

Episode 11 Recap: All Good Things

The latest episode of "Dangan Ronpa 3 Future Arc" has answered some long standing questions, and has revealed something unexpected as well.

Thanks to Kyoko's notebook, the remaining survivors found out that the "victims" of the killing game were not killed by a single perpetrator. There is no killer in the game, and the victims have committed suicide instead.

To test the theory, Naegi volunteered to stay infront of one of the monitors while Aoi, Ryota and Munataka hide somewhere safe. After the sleeping drug is injected, Naegi woke up to the sound of Monokuma's voice through a recorded video on the monitors.

Naegi was then subjected to the brainwashing video, wherein the remains of the deceased characters in the first "Dangan Ronpa" pushed him to commit suicide. Thankfully, he was stopped by Juzo, who is very much alive and has severed his arm to forcefully remove the effects of the bracelet.

Juzo then walked away and headed towards the control room found behind the hidden door discovered by Izayoi. Juzo switched off all the power in the building, turning off all the monitors. The rest of the group also had their bracelets deactivated as they have all survived during the latest sleep phase.

Munakata then recalled Tengan's words: everyone in this killing game can be a despair. Munataka was convinced that Tengan is one of the Remnants of Despair.

Ryota then confessed that Junko used his animation ability to produce the brainwashing videos, but he had no involvement with the Remnants of Despair himself. Ryota then showed a message on his phone sent by Tengan.

Is Tengan The Real Mastermind?

Speculations have been going around the "Dangan Ronpa" Subreddit that Tengan may not be the mastermind after all, although him being a Remnant of Despair is still a possibility.

Some speculate that the Tengan who sent the message on Ryota's phone is a different Tengan (noting that Tengan is a surname and not his first name.) There are also theories that Junko is still the one behind the Killing Game after all, and is rumored to be Tengan's granddaughter, albeit using a fake name.

Ryota's NG Code

Some Redditors have noticed that Ryota's bracelet was completely blank when it fell to the ground, while Munataka's bracelet cleary shows his NG code. These led to speculations that Ryota's bracelet is a fake, and he had no NG codes in the first place. His involvement in the Killing Game and the Remnants of Despair is still a mystery, however.

"Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy" will end next week, with "Future Arc" Episode 12 airing on Sept. 26, and the final episode "Side/Hope" airing on Sept. 29.

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