'Drive Club VR' Gameplay Reviews: Was The Virtual Reality Immersive Enough To Justify Some Hiccups?

14 October 2016, 2:00 pm EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

The original "Drive Club" was a great PlayStation 4 exclusive that it may pain some fans that the game "Drive Club VR" isn't doing it enough justice. The reviews might be enough to warrant a bit of reason to have some second thoughts before getting it.

The original game received some decent ratings from review sites like IGN. While not necessarily perfect on its own, "Drive Club" was one of PlayStation 4's exclusive games that's well worth getting.

However, things may be a little different for "Drive Club VR." There's already a number of reviews that indicates the game to be not something of an improvement. The original game got 71 on Metacritic, but "DriveClub VR" got a lower score of 63.

According to a lot of reviews, the VR version of "DriveClub" suffers from graphical degradation. This affected the game's realism making it less impressive, especially as it is viewed up close on the VR headset.

One review from Metro indicates that the game gets a huge hit on the graphics due to the VR implementation. The visuals also tend to get really blurry, making it very hard to know where players ar headed.

The weather effect too is technically limited with only sunny and cloudy as the options. Other weathers from the original game is not present.

Trusted Reviews described that the odd-looking haze effect as something less of an immersive effect and more like a move to hide the significant downgrade of the visuals

It is also to be noted that "DriveClub VR" is an entirely different game from the original "DriveClub" despite most content being available for both.

Still, most of the core gameplay mechanics like the online play are still intact, making the purchase of "DriveClub VR" justifiable at a certain extent. It even comes close or even better for some to "Project Cars" hooked up with Oculus Rift.

If the graphical downgrade can be overlooked, "DriveClub VR" could still be a great racing game for the PlayStation 4, but unfortunately, its its one of today's norms to ogle on the game's graphics more than actually enjoying the gameplay itself.  

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