Xbox Project Scorpio vs Xbox One S: Is The Scorpio Worth Waiting And Saving For?

14 October 2016, 7:47 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Fans still have no concrete details regarding Microsoft's next big console release, which is the Xbox codenamed "Project Scorpio." Is it worth waiting for or is sticking to the Xbox One S be the better option?

A lot of consumers are looking forward to the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio. According to a number of rumors collected by PC Advisor UK, the Scorpio will be out this coming 2017, though there's no definite date yet.

There are two features that fans are well-aware right now, and these are the VR feature and the 4K native resolution. This will support the games with true 4K resolution and not just an upscaled one like how it is with the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Another option is the Xbox One S, which is also capable of 4K at some point. Simply said, the Xbox One S is a toned down version of the standard Xbox One, without sacrificing processing power. In fact, it has an even better design that its predecessor.

Now the big question lies. Which is the better purchase between the Xbox One S and Xbox Scorpio? This is subjective, but given the fact that Microsoft firmly stated that there will be no exclusive games on the Scorpio, the only saving grace it has against the standard Xbox One and the Xbox One S is the native 4K resolution and VR.

At the moment, 4K resolution is starting to become a trend in the gaming industry, but this isn't an indication that full HD resolutions of 1080p are starting to look outdated. In fact, a lot of games look astonishingly good on 1080p.

VR, on the other hand, is still on its early stages and not a lot of game developers have or will embrace it. There's a very low number of games that support and use the feature and more often than not, the implementation isn't that perfect either.

By the time that the Xbox Scorpio gets released or at least gets a release date, hopefully there would be even more incentives to getting it over the standard Xbox One or the feature-packed yet more affordable Xbox One S.

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