'Pitch Perfect 3' Cast News: Hailee Steinfeld To Return, Replace Anna Kendrick And Lead Barden Bellas?

17 October 2016, 8:17 am EDT By Michelle Guanzon Mobile & Apps

"Pitch Perfect 3" has been confirmed and while there is not much known about the movie, seems like things are going as planned as Hailee Steinfeld recently talked about the a cappella movie.

Steinfeld's character, Emily was introduced in the second installment and she has become one of the most favorite characters in the franchise.

Speaking with BBC, Steinfeld revealed that she has not yet received a copy of the script yet since she believes it is still in the works. On the other hand, she is hopeful that things would work out as planned.

"Hopefully something kicks off in the New Year 'cause I'm ready," she said.

Interestingly, the new Barden Bella was rumored to be the new head and leader of the a cappella group. It was speculated that she will be bringing the Bellas to a whole new level. However, there were no confirmation about this plot yet.

Steinfeld was not the only member who is excited for "Pitch Perfect 3". Anna Kendrick, who portrays the character of Beca Mitchell, spoke on Tuesday with AOL's The Insider, revealing that the movie is supposed to start by January and that the actress also clarified that the movie production staff has told her "nothing."

"This process is such a long one and I've been through it before between the first and second movies," Skylar Astin, though not yet confirmed to be back on the third installment of the a capella comedy movie, also recently said.

"If the script was written and they knew what my role was completely and they were deciding to not let me in on it, that would be strange. But I know that it's so in flux on a daily basis that they probably want to keep us out of it for our own best interest -- and we really understand that," Astin added. 

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfeld are confirmed to be back on "Pitch Perfect 3". The movie release date was recently moved to December 22, 2017 after Elizabeth Bank leave the director's chair to Trish Sie.

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