'Pokémon GO' Cheat FastPokeMap Working Again, Making Hunting Even Easier

17 October 2016, 8:00 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

For those who are still attached to "Pokémon GO" up to this point should have already experienced Niantic's never ending battle against cheaters. Luckily, some old tools that had been taken down are rising once again, including the FastPokeMap.

Based from the official Twitter account of the team or individual behind FastPokeMap, the tool is going to be back once again to let trainers track pokémon easier once again.

According to another update, the team is already on the later parts of bringing the tool back online, but after a day, the team have posted another tweet suggesting that the work on making the tool work again is taking a bit of work than they have expected, though the team have provided a real time update on their page.

FastPokeMap is extremely useful for those who are having some hard time figuring out which spot to go to next and for those who don't want to wander around aimlessly. This tool helps showing at least 90 percent accuracy of where the pokémon are hanging out and which ones can be found at certain locations.

It was put down before by Niantic due to an update that prevents third party scanners accessing the game's API. Heavy reported that the team behind FastPokeMap originally intended to fix a certain feature on this tool, but Niantic put a halt into it before they were able to.

There's no telling when exactly the tool will be up, but based from the recent activities from the official FastPokeMap update page, things will start rolling out soon and trainers will get to use the app without Niantc causing problems with it.

Stay tuned for more "Pokémon GO" cheats, tips, news, and updates here.

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