'Clash Of Clans' News: Was The Miner Secretly Nerfed In Supercell's October Update?

18 October 2016, 7:10 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps

The popular mobile game "Clash of Clans" just received its monthly update last week, and the community has noticed that Supercell has somehow nerfed one of the game's units without any notice.

According to "Clash of Clans" news site All Clash, the developer has made "secret changes" to the Miner in "Clash of Clans," making them apparently weaker than before.

The Miners, which has been the talk of the community for some months now due to the units being overpowered, with other players calling for Miners to be nerfed.

"As shown with many other threads on forums this was a common theme in TH11-land," "Clash of Clans" player vRoyales said on the forums. "All that being said the nerf squad was up in arms for weeks and then today happened."

"All through the live stream I was wondering why no one on ground used miners, especially Lach who was beast with them," the player continued. "Well, today I know. I have done roughly 40 attacks in multi and FC now and miners have been nerfed into oblivion."

Forum moderator LachNessMonster clarified, however, that there were no stat changes made on the Miner and it was simply a bug fix made by the development team.

"Previously - if Miners were underground, they could sometimes stop defences from targeting anything past them. For example; an xbow targeting a miner that then goes underground, you would see the xbow stops firing but continues to target the miner," the moderator explained. "It has also improved the use of CC troops against underground miners (they switch to other targets faster)."

"The miner was never designed to be a tank - that was just the side effect of a bug (no other defence VS troops behave like that in the game)," the moderator continued. "The latest update has fixed this unintentional bug - giving the appearance of a balance nerf."

While some players are calling foul on the move, some have expressed their disappointment over the fact that this was never communicated properly, with the team categorizing this huge change as only a "bug fix."

"Whether one agrees with the changes or not is a matter of personal opinion," player Damiz commented on the forums."However making changes without communicating those changes is bad customer relations which ever way you look at it. People upgraded miners and some no doubt using gems and money to do so."

Stay tuned for more "Clash of Clans" news.

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